Hewlett Packard – How To Anger People (UPDATED)

29 Aug 2011
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This story is about Hewlett Packard (HP) and their TouchPad fire sale, the first part is kind of a summary for those who aren’t aware, then the ironic/retarded twist in my adventure into the fire sale.

To bring you up to speed if you are a none techie person: HP released a Tablet about 2 months ago called the TouchPad.  About two weeks ago they announced they were scuttling their consumer hardware division, specifically the Tablets/Smartphone division.  Last week/weekend, they announced they were going to liquidate the remaining stock of TouchPad’s in a huge fire sale.  The remaining stock of TP’s that normally sold for $400-$600 was now going to be sold at $100-150 (depending on the model).  More on the TouchPad’s history can be found HERE (See #10), and also HERE, and about the Fire Sale HERE

What ensued was a mass geek grab up.  It was as bad as Black Friday, or the release of a next gen console/Apple product. Online stores servers nearly crashed, stock at certain locations went in minutes (Walmart, Target, OfficeDepot, Staples, you name it).

HP’s EPP site sold out almost instantly, as did it’s consumer site.  And HP’s Small Business site had an error.  They listed the Touchpads at the fire sale price, but when you added them to the cart they showed as the original $399+ price.

My wife has said she wanted an ebook reader every now and then, and $100 for an item that can do that and much more was a bargain.  So I attempted to get me one, and that’s where my adventure begins.

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Restaurants – Canned Drinks

26 Aug 2011
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Recently I was dining with some family at a restaurant of their choosing. It was a decent enough Chinese (Asain?) cuisine type establishment.  Friendly wait staff, decent decorations, and a pleasant atmosphere.  Everything was good, until they brought us our drinks.

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Super Size – Double Team

19 Aug 2011
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When browsing some movies lately I watched the movie ‘Super Size Me.’ It’s about a guy who eats nothing but McDonald’s for a whole month, blah blah blah, bad for you, etc etc.  It got me thinking about the option at most fast food places. Read more…

Sams Club – Subtle Christmas Creep 2011

12 Aug 2011
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Simple quick post.  Sams Club in my area of San Antonio TX has started the Christmas Creep season subtly. For those of you who don’t know, Christmas Creep is the process in which stores start putting their Christmas decorations/items for sale up months in advance of Christmas.  Read more…

Brake Check – Awkward Responses

09 Aug 2011
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The other day I posted this story about Brake Check and how I thought they were giving me the shaft on a simple brake job. Well, when I shared the article on Twitter I made sure to include them to let them know of how I felt.  They replied. Read more…

Brake Check – Check It Yourself

06 Aug 2011
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A few months ago I bought me a used car. A nice 2001 [CAR] (I don’t need to tell you what I drive dammit).  Well, as it has over 100,000 miles certain things are bound to go wrong with it.  Recently there was a weird noise coming from my back tire(s).  I say noise because it was like a squealing, but not like a squealing. Like a grinding, but not like a grinding. I don’t really have a way to describe the sound.

After some thinking I decided it most likely was a brake problem (This should be no shock to anyone reading this, as the title says BRAKE CHECK in it).  So on my way home from work I swung by Brake Check.  For those of you who do not know, Brake Check is like a Jiffy Lube, but for brakes.  And for those of you that don’t know what a Jiffy Lube is, it’s a chain of Oil Change stores. Welcome to 2011.  From this point on I’m not gonna spell a lot out to you.  There will be all kinds of mechanical terms in relation to brakes on a car.  Go look it up if you don’t understand. Read more…

Cracker Barrel – Beating Walmart At Their Own Game

23 Jul 2011
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Being white I decided to get some food at a chain of restaurants  designed for white people (Specifically old white people).  The Cracker Barrel (See, it even has CRACKER in the name, which stands for white people).  Honestly they have some pretty kick ass pancakes, way better than that shit you get at IHOP, a restaurant who specializes in pancakes (Yeah I called you out IHOP, what of it?).

If they are busy when you go, you get the luxury of looking around Cracker Barrel’s gift shop, where they have all kinds of overpriced nostalgic crap for the old gullible people who don’t realize you could buy similar items cheaper on this ‘Internet’ your grand kids keep talking about.   Anyways, I was looking around when I noticed the following:  Read more…

Walmart – Subtle Racism

09 Jul 2011
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Within what I would call a reasonable driving distance, I have two options for groceries. One of them being Walmart.  Walmart is full of some ugly, smelly, stupid people, and their customers are worse than than!

On a recent trip to Walmart I was able to spot this great piece of subtle racism.  Read more…

Cake – Forking Ridiculous

07 Jul 2011
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Cake is pretty damn good.  As a bunch of fat-asses society we have managed to find every damn reason to eat Cake as possible.  Birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, promotions, retirements, graduations, holidays..  With lots of friends, family, and co-workers you can theoretically have cake every week if planned just right.  Read more…

Best Buy – Forgetful Marketing

08 Jun 2011
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Being an adult who has a job, I get quite a few things in the itty bitty house in front of my regular sized house.  The itty bitty house has many names: Whore, hot box, bringer of doom, your mom, etc.  Most know it by it’s common name…

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