Dear Woot

04 Sep 2012
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Find below a ‘letter’ I wrote, and posted on the community site.

Some background info for those who don’t know. is THE original daily deal website.  They were the first site to offer one item at the start of the day, and that’s all they had to sell until the day ended.  If it sold out before the end of the day, then nothing. You’d still have to wait for the next day to see the next deal.  They had hilarious product descriptions, and generally a fun site to be a member of.  There is other things you should probably know about them, but you can research it more on your own time.

The main thing to know is that in June of 2010, they were purchased by Amazon.  Over time, as with most companies that are bought by a larger corporation, Woot changed (Fun things stopped happening, forced use of social media, site layout completely ruined, and one of my favorite products completely changed).  Some might say it’s for the better, but me, and quite a few others, think it is for the worst.

It was with a great sadness that I decided that I am basically done with Woot, and am not a huge fan anymore.  So I wrote the following letter: Read more…

Guess Who’s Back?!

04 Sep 2012
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This site still gets something like 1,300 visits a month, even without me posting! Now I know that 1,300 visits a month isn’t spectacular, but considering this is a site where I just ramble and rant, and 1% of the time make an actual decent, coherent post, it’s not to shabby.

I figure if I start posting again, I may get more traffic. Then maybe those stupid ads I put on this site may actually become of some use to me. (After 3.5 years of ads, I still haven’t made even $100 from having them…)  Fun fact: The basic math implies that my site generates about $2.38 per month in ad revenue!  That’s just over $28* annually!  I can retire finally!! (*before cost of running site/domain name purchase are calculated)

Yes, that means the majority of my decision to return to my blog is for personal gain.  If that shocks you, then you obviously haven’t been in the real world much.

The other reason I returned is I like writing.  I’m not the best writer. My grammar is not always the goodest. But I try, and that’s good enough of a reason.  My updates will probably still be sporadic, like 1 every 2-3 weeks, with the occasional 2-3 posts in a week followed by a few weeks of nothing.  Deal with it. There is no schedule to this.

So sit back, relax, and stay tuned for more hilarious stories of rage and stupidity.

(Oh, also, that other site I mentioned previously…It didn’t go as planned…lets just move on and forget about it, k?)


The End? –

09 May 2012
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**UPDATE: THIS POST IS NO LONGER ACCURATE, was not used like I thought it would be. I’m going to leave the post on the site though, as I believe in continuity**


Well it’s about time this happened.  As the three dedicated readers I have may have noticed, I’ve run low/out of stupid things to complain about.  It’s not that I don’t want to continue writing, it’s just that I’ve found the following problems:

  1. I’ve complained about damn near everything I normally complain about
  2. Most of the things I complain about, everyone else does as well (Google: First World Problems)
  3. I’m not as angry/bitter as I used to be, so the amount of rage I have to put behind my ramblings makes boring posts.

The bad news is that means I’m officially stopping this blog (for now).  This site will continue to run forever as I still get an average of 30 visits a day via search engines, and it’s hosted on a server I do not have to pay for (Employee benefit at my job).  So all my great rants (all 3 of them), and my horrible ramblings (the rest of the site) will be up for as long as I’m employed.

Fun Fact: This blog has been up for just about 3.5 years, and has gotten just shy of 30,000 visits during that time (At the time of this writing)

The good news is I plan to keep writing!  With that I’m announcing my new blog:

As I realize I don’t have long to live on this planet, and the chances of me writing/publishing a book are pretty damn slim, and there is always a chance I’ll get Alzheimer’s or suffer a stroke, I figure I should write down some of the more amusing points of my life somewhere.

With that I’m launching Ha Ha Ha Thud (.com), as a place where I will relive my past, and point out mistakes I’ve made.  It’ll be a good time for the whole family!

So thanks to everyone for visiting, feel free to poke around at my old articles, and I hope to see you at my new blog.

~Joel The Great

Chinese Buffet- Lazy Decorators

05 Feb 2012
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Today I decided to challenge my intestinal tract by having dinner at a local Chinese Buffet (I survived thankfully).  While there I spotted something that amused me.

Read more…

Pickup Trucks – Homosexual Exhaust

30 Jan 2012
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I spend a decent part of my day commuting through a rather populated city.  This means while trying to not get killed by all the tailgating, non-blinker using, cut you off even if you’re their mother idiots out there, I get to see all kinds of vehicles.  I get to see new models, old models, ones that have been abused through out life, ones that have been pampered.  And then there are those that people actively decided to change in some way. I’ve covered something like that with cars before.   But this…this is something new!   Read more…

Coke Rewards – Expired Idiocy

28 Jan 2012
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Back story: McDonald’s runs a promotion/contest every so often that is tied in with the board game Monopoly. The food comes with game pieces that could potentially win you cash and fabulous prizes.  But more likely you will win more bad for you food from McDonald’s, or other worthless crap.  Each game piece has a code you can enter online to hopefully win more useless things.

Even though I do know better, I enjoy me some cheap crappy food from time to time and time again. So when there is a chance for me to buy the McCrap and get free McCrap out of it, I jump at the chance like your mom around sailors.  I did this and won a bunch of Coke Rewards points.  End of back story, what’s my point?   Read more…

Methodist Hospital San Antonio (Part 2)

01 Nov 2011
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This is the continuation of this post: Methodist Hospital (Part 1)

I highly recommend you read that long post first, as it contains all the back story and other bits this story might reference to.  Lets continue to Part 2:  Read more…

Methodist Hospital San Antonio (Part 1)

29 Oct 2011
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I normally do not put personal information on my site.  I try to avoid talking about my family, or any other information like that.  Partially because I’m paranoid and I don’t want me or my family easily researched/cyberstalked.  But the absolute absurdness of what happened to me and my Family at Methodist Hospital requires me to share it.    Read more…

Parenting Fail – Jungle Gyms Sold Seperately

14 Oct 2011
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I hate the public.  The people. The places.  The percentage of idiots is just astounding.  Alas, I still need to go to public places.  Stores, restaurants, so on and so forth.  Yes I could cut a lot of that out by other means, but I’m lazy and am not going to cook every meal I eat, or grow my own food.

Recently while I was out enjoying a very high quality expensive dinner with my family (read: I was at Denny’s), I was able to witness great, and horrible parenting within the same meal.  It was amazing.  Read more…

Hewlett Packard Can Go Fuck Themselves!

16 Sep 2011
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Never in my life have I seen a company so mismanage an order, and have little to no information about what’s going on in their business than I have with HP.

As I mentioned HERE, I am one of the unlucky few in limbo with HP and trying to get their discounted Touchpad tablet. I was able to get a successful order through, but it still hasn’t been processed.   This is how they’ve lost me as a customer…  Read more…