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My name is Joel The Great, and this is my Blog of Imminent Stabbing.

Why is it a Blog of Imminent Stabbing?  See this post: New Name! Same great place!

Currently this site does not have any real single point. I plan to post some how-to’s, rants about things that annoy me, and maybe some funny stories if possible.

You can follow me on Twitter to find out when my site gets update, and for random fun of course: http://twitter.com/joelthegreat

If you need to email me you can send it to  jtgmobile [at] gmail.com

Here are the following Categories I use, and what they mean:

  • BlahBlah – Random stuff from me. Not really on anything particular.
  • How To… – Any post that contains information on how to do something.
  • Rants – Me ranting about things I find annoying/disturbing
  • Site News – Updates to the site that I think are important to share

Please be aware that my spelling and grammar is not perfect.  Spell check only gets so far.  If you have a problem with my spelling, or if I misplace an apostrophe or whatever. Deal with it.  You should less time worrying about other peoples spelling and grammar.  At least I’m not talking like this – Ur 2 silly! U r not cool like me’z!

Commenting on posts:

Comments are open on almost every post on this site. You can comment, I don’t mind.  Please try to be nice, but almost all comments are approved. (Spammers think I’m stupid)

When you post a comment I have to approve it.  This can take anywhere from 2 minutes, to a whole day, I do sleep you know.  Once I approve one comment you can generally post comments freely without needing me to approve them.

I read all comments posted because I may have some form of OCD. I don’t know because I hate doctors.

My Server is JoelTheGreat.com