Super Size – Double Team

19 Aug 2011
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When browsing some movies lately I watched the movie ‘Super Size Me.’ It’s about a guy who eats nothing but McDonald’s for a whole month, blah blah blah, bad for you, etc etc.  It got me thinking about the option at most fast food places.

It goes by many names:

  • Super Size
  • Biggie Size
  • Large Size
  • Sonic Size
  • Grande Size
  • Giant Size
  • [synonym for large] + Size

You get the picture.

What I realized is that each one of these places with some sort of meal deal, require you to change the size of both the fries AND the drink.  If you are just really thirsty and want an extra large tea, they want you to get the extra large fries as well.  Or if you aren’t that thirsty but you really really love their fries…then too bad, you get a big drink too.

“But Joel…” you whine in your think you know everything but actually don’t cause your a pompous ass voice.  “They can modify your order the way you’d like.  Have it your way as they say?”

You obviously have never tried to modify an order off the regular menu have you? Fast Food joints don’t hire the brightest minds in the world.  If you try to make a change that isn’t easily accessible on their menu screen, then you just threw a whole wrench in the system.

As I’ve pointed out before HERE, even trying to get them to hold the pickles on a burger is meant with confusion, and sometimes twice as many pickles as you’d expect.    And as I’ve pointed out HERE, you can have the hardest damned time ordering something they have on their menu, and for them to actually get the order right!

That’s just the problem with trying to remove things I don’t want, or just get some standard deal they offer.  I’d hate to see the confusion that would be caused by trying to get them to make one part of the meal extra large while leaving the other part medium.  Would I get charged the same? Would I get charged more? Unless I’m keen on what’s going on, I’ll probably get charged the entire price of Super Sizing my meal even though I walked away with a medium drink.

So the best solution is to just never eat fast food.  It’s bad for you, and can drive you utterly insane with just trying to get what you ordered.  But considering how well all these fast food chains are doing, I doubt anyone will stop going.  I’m pretty sure 50% of the people who read this has had fast food in the past 24 hours.  Bunch of fat ass’s.


One Response to “Super Size – Double Team”

  1. Viktor van der Dekken Says:

    How can you say “Fast Food joints don’t hire the brightest minds in the world” when it is a well-known fact (repeat fact) that many a college graduate (especially in the “humanities” and “social “”sciences”” [think women’s studies or a degree holder in ‘impacts of homosexual egyptians on mesoamerica] and other fuzzy non-think categories) are among the more populas in the “may I super size that for you’ world of employment.
    The pickle problem is the easiest to solve. Order the complete works and pick the pickles off yourself. No hassles, no worries.\
    The others are much more difficult but doable. You instruct the dweeb behind the counter (the one wearing the funny paper hat) this is two (or three) orders. Order 1 I want a medium burger; order two I want a small fries; order three I want a large drink, make it happen!!!
    Does Chinese take away count as fast food? If so, then yes I am guilty of being one of the 50% of fast fooders within the last 24-hours. In mitigation, it was the end of a 12-hour town festival day (town festivals are a lot more fun on the attendee side than being behind the counter) and I was too tired to cook. Also considering this was the first take away or fast food this month, I resemble the fat ass comment.