09 Jun 2010
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I’ve got nothing.  All the things that piss me off enough to want to stab someone I’ve already posted about, or you don’t really want to hear, or both.   So you’re going to have to wait longer.

2 Responses to “Nothing…”

  1. A.E. Neuman Says:

    What me worry you can’t think of anything to whine about?
    . Nope not happening. Some of the things you could (and may should) piss and moan about is the suptidity of LA and Seattle and their BS boycotting Arizona for trying to enfore the laws the federal gobmint passed but have never yet enforced themselves.
    . You could blow a fuse on the ignorant people who have never read or don’t understand Amendment X of the Bill of Rights. Short “cliff notes” explanation is its unlawful for any municipality, county or state to boycott another, called the commerce clause.
    . You could have a hissy-fit on the annal law that goes into effect today (10 June) in Washington State making it a prime offence to use a hand-held cell phone while driving (fine $124).
    . It is for “safety.” Baloney! It is a revenue generator. Washington State is -at last count- $2.8 Billion in the hole and the Dimocrat-run state gobmint keeps expanding spending. To make cell phone use a real revenue generator, the state should raise the fines: First offense a fine of $250; Second offense within three years, fine of $750 and impound the cell phone; Third offense in three years, a fine of $1,500 AND impound both the cell phone and the vehicle! It is for safety my aching biblical beast of burdern.
    . You could also Mount St. Helens about the unfairness of the media. Give Pres Bush hell for taking two days to visit New Orleans after Hurrican Katrina and say nothing about the Eight days it took for President Obama to Say Anything about the gulf oil spill.
    . Vesuvius is waiting for the cretin who ignores the lights and sirens of emergency (fire, police, ambulance) vehicles rushing somewhere to save a life. It might be MY life they are trying to save, so pull over butt-cheese.
    . You could also explode at the inane, ignorant and insult to intelligence of a lot of radio and TV ads.
    . This list of things that could and should piss you off goes on, and on and on. One of the things on your list of pissers, is the people who think there is nothing to piss and moan about.

  2. S. Muckingfuch Says:

    How about some unkind words for the dweeb who climbs your butt as you are slowing down to take the 35mph off ramp. If he is gonna be that tight on your ass, he should wear a condom.
    How about aiming some of the famed JTG snide remarks at the mouth-breather with his iPod earbuds. His volume is so loud you can hear every word and every note of his tunes from ten-feet away. Deaf dummy.
    How about blasting the rude dude who sits in the next booth at a nice eat joint while this inconsiderate slop is yelling into his cheapo cell phone. Totally runing your nice dinner out.
    How about You could share some words of wisdom on the fat dame who stops in the middle of the aisle in the grocery, K-Mart, Wal*Mart, Fred Meyer store, with her shopping cart, blocking everyone.
    How about a comment on flamers who suggest things you could rant and rave about?