Dave & Busters – They Really Do Care!

19 May 2010
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Lets bring you up to speed:

Alright, now that you are up to speed, it’s time for an update!

Well this past weekend I went into D&B and it did smell much better. Well apparently Dave & Busters sent me a letter that I received today. Here is what it says (names changed because..well I don’t know, but I did it):

Dear Mr. TheGreat

Thank you for speaking with me about your recent visit to Dave & Buster’s San Antonio location.  Dave & Buster’s takes great pride in providing our guests with great fun, excellent food and legendary service.  We also take Guest comments very seriously and refer them to the appropriate individuals for review.

I have spoke with Mr. McManager, the new General Manager this location, and he joins me in a sincere apology for any disappointment or frustration you have experienced with service and the physical plant of the building on your recent visits.  McManager assures me that he is working hard on improving all of the standards in this store, and would like for you to ask for him on your next visit.

Your feedback is essential so that we may consistently offer an outstanding experience and extraordinary environment to our Guests.  Please accept the enclosed “Be Our Guest” certificates as a personal invitation to join us again soon to replace this disappointing memory with a much more pleasant one.  If you have any additional questions or concerns please feel freeto contatc me at (###) ###-####.


Wonder Woman

Guest Relations

There were three guest certificates enclosed totaling  $30 for food/drink/fun.  (No, not three $10 Playing cards, actual certificates worth actual money).

I’m impressed with this.  Here is why:

  1. I made a smartass comment and they looked into it instead of thinking I’m some of internet wacko (Don’t get me wrong, I’m a wacko alright).
  2. They called me to hear my thoughts on things they need to improve.
  3. They promise to look into it and try to resolve the issues.
  4. I can tell they are making an actual attempt at the place of business meaning I wasn’t fed a bunch of lies by someone who doesn’t care.
  5. They sent me a letter that, with it’s grammar issues, I can tell is not a canned answer.
  6. They invite me to meet/talk with the General Manager the next time I am at the business. (Which I plan to do next time I am there)
  7. They give me $30 worth of certificates to go back and make a happier memory, not to apologize for the mistake (as they already did that in the letter and their actions).

It’s a good day when consumers are willingly heard for their opinion by their customers.

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