Dave & Busters – They Care (UPDATED!)

29 Apr 2010
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So yesterday I posted this: Dave & Busters – They Care!   http://www.joelthegreat.com/?p=842

Well here is the update…

Within a few hours I received a call from some random guest relations person.  We talked for a bit, she wanted to know what my concerns were (Funny enough, she had no clue what my Twitter message was, she only received an email stating I had some ‘concerns’).

I went over some of my topics from my review I did a few months back.  Mainly “THE SMELL” and the broken games. I could hear her typing up a storm and she seemed to truly care.

Turns out my local Dave & Busters just got a new General Manager like 3 weeks ago, and they take the cleanliness of bathrooms seriously.  Whatever.

She took my name and address, and we’ll have to wait and see if any changes happen.  Boring I know.

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