Dave & Busters – They Care! (Stay Tuned)

28 Apr 2010
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So recently Dave and Busters posted a message via twitter stating: “From our restaurant to the midway to billiards and bowling, we have something for everyone! What’s your favorite part of Dave & Buster’s?”

I, being the smartass I am, replied: “@DaveandBusters The stale urine smell in the mens room..that’s there EVERYTIME I visit. Which is a lot less these days…I wonder why…”

This was a reference to my Dave and Busters review I wrote a bit ago: “Dave & Busters – Review (It’s like Hitler)

Well guess what they did… They sent me a direct message: “Hi Joel, we’re sorry to hear about your experience. Please let us know how you would like Guest Services to contact you.”

I provided them with my email address, and they emailed me hoping to get my phone number so that they could talk to me.  The email looks like a canned response, but apparently they care.  We shall find out what happens when they call!  Stay tuned!

Dear Joel,

Thank you for your Twitter feedback regarding your recent visit to Dave &
Buster’s. At D&B, we take concerns like your seriously and would appreciate
the opportunity to address and resolve your issue. Please provide us with a
phone number so a Guests Relations Representative may contact you and speak
with  you personally about your experience.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.


[name removed by me]

3 Responses to “Dave & Busters – They Care! (Stay Tuned)”

  1. lookacyb.org Says:

    While you’re on the phone with them could you ask them a question from me?

    Why the F-WORD do you chumps advertise on Oregon TV when the nearest D&B is about 10 hours away?

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