How McDonalds can save MILLIONS!!

18 Nov 2008
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I figured a way that McDonald’s can save a lot of money and increase their profits by a very large amount.

Here is the secret: Make Pickles an additional cost!

My reasoning behind this.  So many times I have ordered like a Big Mac, or some sandwich and have to tell them ‘no pickles!’  But how many times do they get it right?  In a completely unscientific study, I’d say they get it correct 33% of the time.  The scary thing is at least 25% of the time they forget to remove the pickles, they actually put more on than anyone would usually put on a burger!

Also, there are some days I don’t even bother to ask for my burger ‘without pickles’ because I know they will probably screw it up, and it’d be easier for me to just pick them off and throw them away myself.
So if they charged a very very small fee, say $0.05 to add pickles it would accomplish three things!

  1. They wouldn’t be throwing away money by all the pickles me and some of my fellow acquaintances are picking off our burgers and throwing away!
  2. They would be increasing the profits by being able to add 5 cents to the burgers they do use pickles on!
  3. They wouldn’t be wasting a bunch of money on pickles that a lot of us pick off and throw away!

This would probably work at almost any Fast Food establishment, not just McDonald’s Damn I’m a genius.

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