Quiznos – Coupon Fail (Quizn0wnt)

03 Mar 2010
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**UPDATE!** Quiznos has fixed their FAIL’d Coupon (finally)!  So the below instructions do not work anymore, the most you will get is $1 off!  The Story is still amusing though, enjoy!! **UPDATE**

Now some of you may not get this as it is a little geeky, but seriously, this is funnier than a midget hooker trying to reach the $20 you left her on the 5′ book shelf.  So, Quiznos released a coupon:

Quiznos Coupon

$1 off 2 for $5 coupon

The FAIL in this coupon is the coupons web address (URL).  **UPDATE** Quiznos may have removed the coupon from their site **


Why is that fail?  Well, if you look closely, there is a part of the URL that says ‘val=100.00’  You can change that number to anything you WANT!!   That’s right, they left their coupon open to be hacked.

For example, this link –


Will get you this coupon:

Quiznos Coupon

$4.99 off 2 for $5

You can try it out for yourself.  Just copy and paste the link into your browser and change the value of val=xxx.00

So last night for Dinner I took my Quiznos Coupon to attempt to get a free dinner, to see if this would work straight out.

I went into Quiznos and ordered the Beef/Bacon Bullet, and a Bistro Steak Sammie from their 2 for $5 promotion. While it was cooking I walked to the checkout register and was taken care of by the store manager.  (I only assume he was a manager as there were 6 younger people working at this location, and he seemed to be telling them things they should be doing)

I hand the Manager my coupon, and he looks at it, and looks at it, and looks at it.  In total he examines the coupon for a good 2-3 minutes.  During this time two things happen.  One, my food is done and ready to go.  Two, the local police pull up and get in the line to order food.  Now What I am doing isn’t necessarily illegal, but it is questionable.  And I’ve read many horror stories involving Managers and local Police, so this could get interesting.

After thoroughly examining the coupon, the Manager barely looked at me to try to judge my character at all, he finally decided it was a good coupon.  He did his magic on the register, gave me my food and my receipt, and I headed straight out of their with prize in hand.

Don’t believe me?   BAM!:

Quiznos Reciept

Quiznos Reciept

BONUS HACK!!!  If you look at that coupon URL closely, there is a part of it that says ‘ed=12312010’   That’s the expiration date.  You can change that to what you want.  For example, changing it to 12311776 will change the expiration date to December 31st 1776.

Stupid Quiznos.

**EDITORS NOTE: This post is for informational purposes and I am not responsible for what you do with the information I provided.  But since you are saving a few bucks on lunch, you could throw some my way (donate button on the left). Thanks!!**

13 Responses to “Quiznos – Coupon Fail (Quizn0wnt)”

  1. Internet Guy Says:

    You’re kind of a douchebag. It is illegal and you’re just screwing over the franchise owner.

  2. Tim Says:

    Sorry — this is unethical. You could have worn a white hat, but you decided to rip off the franchise owners and get a free lunch instead. Lame.

  3. Joel The Great Says:

    You know, I might be a douche bag, but I never really checked.

    From my understanding of U.S. Law, and consumer laws, it is not actually illegal. The coupon comes from Quiznos themselves, from their computers, and its their code that generates the coupon. If you can point out what law it is breaking I’ll gladly take down my post. Now is it morally ok? Ethical? That’s up for debate.

    I honestly don’t know who exactly it’ll screw over. Franchise owner, or Corporate. I used it once to see if it would work. I don’t plan on going there again as I do not like Quiznos.

    My main point is to point out how funny their coupon is, and the fact that it is easily changed by ANYONE is a great FAIL on their part.

  4. Internet Guy Says:

    Great. Now go back and pay for your sub.

  5. yuG tenretnI Says:

    Lol why is everybody hating so much? This is fuckin’ wicked, man. Franchises will take the first opportunity to screw you over, so why not have a little fun? It’s one time. It’s not like the owner(s) are going to go broke over a five-fuckin-dollar order. Get off your high horses, people.

  6. Kevin Says:

    A little lunch money is a small price to pay to learn the lesson of information security.

    Site’s fixed as of now. Props to whoever did it for the quick response.

  7. Dave Says:

    This is lame. How is this any different from just making counterfeit coupons and saying “Look, it’s their mistake, it’s not physically impossible to do this, hur hur.”

    Go back and pay for the food you stole and while you’re at it, apologize to.

  8. Joel The Great Says:

    How it’s different then making fake coupons:

    To make a fake coupon actually takes some thought and knowledge that you are doing something that is illegal. And you have to perform the illegal act.

    Finding a loophole in that companies system and using it to your advantage is not illegal. People use loopholes to their advantage all the time, especially in the legal system.

    So as I said before, whether this is moral or ethical is up for debate. All I know is it was hilarious. If they don’t want to pay for people who can write their programs properly, then they will pay in other ways.

    I am not going to go back and pay for my food. That’d just be silly.

  9. Billy Says:

    Dear Dave,

    The last word should be “too” not “to. Go back and pay for the grammar you stole.


  10. Concerned Customer Says:

    The issue has been fixed. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

    **Note from JoelTheGreat.com This was submitted with an @quiznos.com address that is invalid, curious if it was actually someone from quiznos, or some jackass**

  11. JordanRinke Says:

    So, they put a limit on you, you can still decrease the value of the coupon they just made it so any value over 100.00 = 0.00, you could still make it 0.50 if you wanted to for some reason… so the code is still weak.

  12. internet fags Says:

    grow the fuck up.
    it was funny.
    5 bucks is nothin.
    you are dildoes.

  13. Crabby Old Guy Says:

    Two comments: (1) It should be the corporations duty to ensure what their cupon says is what they (corp) want it to say, whithout being changed by anyone not authorized by the corp to make such changes.
    (2) To parapharse Sentaor Everett McKinnley Dirksen (R-Pekin, IL) “A million here and a million there and soon you are talking real money.” Five bux is nothing, but if/when five thousand people across the country do the same stunt, it adds up (or rather it subtracts).
    By the way, anybody know what the profit margin percentage at a fast food joint, like Quiznos, is? It is Under 3%. Microsoft averages 32% profit on each dollar of sale and the EEEEvil gas companies average less than 6% on each dollar of sale.
    Fun, mybe. Ethical, not really.