Olympics – The Ideal Spot

18 Feb 2010
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So I actually tuned over to the Olympics, and boy was I glad I did.  Apparently the Olympics have gotten naughty.  

I turned to one of the channels showing the Olympics, and it turned out to be the Womens Sweeping competition (See, all those years in the kitchen helped!) I think the Canadians call it Curling.   Anyways, the announcer made a very perverted comment move that you have to see.   So, here is a horrible video I recorded of my TV because I didn’t know an easier way to do this:

(You need the Windows Media Player Plugin to view the above video – Sorry, I don’t host video’s much, and I wasn’t about to go to YouTube.)

If you have trouble seeing hearing, here is what is said, and what happens:

Commentator: “[something something]… ideal spot, IDEAL spot…is right there.”

And with his magic marker, puts the yellow dot where?  (go watch again, I’ll wait)

BAM!  There you have it folks! The ideal spot is her vagina!  GO TEAM USA!

One Response to “Olympics – The Ideal Spot”

  1. Sexy Senile Citizen Says:

    You need a life. Maybe you should use some of the winnner tickets from Dave & Busters for some refresher training on difference twixt guy and gals.