Electric Cart – Confused Parking

20 Jan 2010
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I was driving from someplace to somewhere…or somewhere to someplace…shit I don’t remember.  All I remember is I stopped at traffic light.  I looked over into the parking lot of a local eatery, and I saw this.

Parking Lot

Click to see larger.

What do you see in that picture? need a hint?

Grocery Cart

Do you see it?!

That’s right. It’s one of those electric grocery carts that fat lazy people use at Walmart.  Yes it’s raining (It was raining all day). And yes, it is PARKED in a parking space.  Just for your info, the parking lot is a BBQ place.

I saw that, and three things crossed my mind almost simultaneously:

  1. What the hell is that?
  2. Are you fucking serious?
  3. Where’s my camera?

I still don’t really understand.  Was the scooter being driven around town in the rain? There was a grocery mart roughly a block away… How did the person get to the grocery store to get the cart in the rain in the first place?

I don’t get it.

One Response to “Electric Cart – Confused Parking”

  1. Sgt York Says:

    There is a disabled veteran who lives about three blocks away from me. He owns one of these (not a grocery store or Wal*mart owned cart) which he rides to the post office, grocery store, cafe’s, senior center, etc.
    The question you should be asking is: If the person needs this to get around, WTF is is parked in a BBQ parking lot. Most ppl who need these carts can’t go more than five or six steps (not feet, not yards, steps) away from their “mobility aide.”
    The other DAV I know of, in different town, rides his Mobility Aide into the eat joints, stores etc. Of course he does. One leg is missing just above the knee.
    Considering what them puppies cost, you should have thrown a rope around this stray and drugged it home, repainted it and put your brand on in.
    Isn’t that how XIT cattle ranch got so big? Rounding up “strays” and slapping the XIT brand on ’em?