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13 Jan 2010
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Back many years ago I ran across a blog called ‘Violent Acres‘ It was a pretty decent blog, the writer had a lovely fury and great writing style.  In fact, it was one of the Blogs I read that got me thinking of starting my own blog (Even if my blog is crappy).   I even referred to that blog in one of my earlier blog posts, as seen here.

It’s been 6 months since she last updated Violent Acres, and now that she has, I think it may have changed to Retarded Acres. 

Most of Violent Acres posts are rather crass, blunt, and could be offensive if you’re an idiot (Survey says you are indeed an idiot).  But this latest post, titled “I Am Not Your Fucking Honey.“, is retarded.  It’s so retarded it’s the kind of crap you’d find on crappy blogs (like mine).   Instead of her normal shocking posts how “The Most Merciful Death is Baby Death,” or, “Two Phrases That Destroyed American Culture,” she decided to write some crap rant that was a lame attempt at who knows what.

Her main point is she thinks certain words are demeaning and meant to be used when speaking to children, or at least those younger than you.  Words like honey, sweetie, darling, etc.  Why do I find this retarded?  Because I have learned great wisdom from a great teacher.  To sum up what the great George Carlin once said: There are no bad words, just bad thoughts. (not an exact quote and I’m too lazy to look it up.)

George Carlin was correct, words are not bad, it’s what was meant, the thought behind it.  I have said Fuck You to people I love before. I called a good friend a bastard for 2 weeks since he decided to quit working where I worked to move back to where he came from.  I didn’t call him a bastard to be mean, I called him a bastard because I enjoyed working with him and wasn’t happy he was going.  He understood this (I think), and was not offended one bit by it.

But here you have Violent Acres saying things like this: “Well, listen, I don’t give a flying fuck what you meant in your secret heart of hearts. Talking to me like I’m a child is rude. So don’t fucking do it anymore.”

Now I can understand how being called sweetie could be annoying, depending on the circumstances, but I don’t think it’s that bad.  I rather be called honey than asshat. (yet I’m called an asshat so much I accidentally sign my name like that).  But seriously, you’re getting offended over people trying to be polite?  I just don’t agree with that.

Six months of nothing, then a small, toss away rant about people attempting to be nice?  I honestly thought her blog was done for, to fade off into some attic of some webserver only to be stumbled upon accidentally when you were looking for your lost bowling ball.

In her post she wants to know if anyone still reads the blog.  Saying if people do she’ll keep writing.  Well I hope she reads this: I’ll gladly continue to read your blog, unless you keep going 6 months between updates and then post crap that is better written by idiot bloggers such as myself. Sincerely, Asshat.

3 Responses to “Violent Acres – Now Retarded Acres”

  1. xen Says:

    Taking a 6 month break from writing will result in one or the other. Either your article will be awesome, or it will suck as you have lost your routine.

    Which is probably what happened to VA. Her writing skills got a bit rusty and she is overworked.

    At least your are honest.

  2. F Bacon Says:

    If you are some six foot tall knuckle dragging ox and you are being called sweetie by some pencil neck 98 pound geek someone has a problem.
    It isn’t what you are called – It is how you are used. I worked in eatjoints where the entire staff, male & female called each other dearie, sweetie, honey etc and meant nohing by it. When we were pissed, we called the person we were pissed at, “Chief.” Got me in a world of trouble when I joined the navy.
    This is a non-starter as is the question “which is worse to swear and mean no harm or pray and mean no good.”
    So long sweetie, catch you on the back stroke.
    Ten Buddy good four

  3. kanklettes Says: