Contest – Free Copy Of Half Life 2!

13 Dec 2009
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Many Years ago I bought Half-Life 2 when it came out.  Then some years passed and I bought the Orange Box during a sale, which also came with a copy of Half-Life 2.  So here I am years later, and I still have 1 (one) copy of Half-Life 2 that I can give away as a ‘gift.’  *(If you do not know what Half-Life 2 is, please see the bottom of this page)*

I thought of selling it, or trying to trade it, but I though it’d be better to give it away.  And what’s the best way to get rid of crap stuff you don’t want?  A CONTEST!

**UPDATE**  CONTEST CANCELED!!  There were not enough entries to fulfill my contest rules, and it’s been about a month.  So I am canceling the contest.  Thanks to everyone who entered, sorry about wasting your time.

So here is how you win:

It’s simple.  Just leave a comment below. That simple.   I will select one random winner from the comments below.

Some guidelines/rules:

First, if you DO win, you will be required to have  a Steam Account and download the Steam software, they have rules and terms of service that you will have to agree to and I have no part of that, so that’s on you.  (  Steam accounts are free, and costs you nothing unless you buy games with it, etc etc.  The winner will not be receiving a physical copy of the game, it is a digital copy via Steam.   To have a steam account you more than likely will also require a Windows PC with certain system specifications. You will have to determine if you can run Steam or Half Life 2 on your own.

Second thing:  You need to provide a valid email address when you leave a comment.  I will not share your email addresses with anyone, and I will need to have a valid one to contact to let you know you won.  Once the name is drawn, I will attempt to contact you via the email provided. If no response has been received within 72 hours, your name will be removed and a new name will be drawn.  So on and so forth until a winner is found.

Third: I will be giving away 1 copy, it is valued at maybe $5-10 if that.  There are no second place prizes, just one prize.

Fourth: The contest will go for 1 week, or until at least 25 comments are posted.  That’s right. We need to have a minimum of 25 people before I will draw a name. This means that if a week from now, on Sunday December 20th, there are only 20 entries.  Then the drawing will not happen until there are 5 more.

**UPDATE: Since I have not reached the minimum of 25 entries, I’m going to let this run until I decide to cancel it or I get 25.  If by some miracle I get a bunch of entries and hit lucky number 25, I will start clocking.  Once 25 entries are hit, I will leave the contest open for 24 hours, at that point I will disable comments and pick a lucky winner. (added Tuesday December 29th)

Fifth: Please only one entry per person. If I figure out you entered more than once, you will be disqualified from the contest (and made fun of publicly).

Drawing will be held approximately at 8PM CST Sunday December 20th so long as the conditions listed in ‘Fourth’ have been met.  **UPDATE** At the time scratched out above there were only 13 entries.  Roughly half of the required entries.  So yes, my contest is full of fail.  ***

*contest rules may change at any time due to my lack of knowledge in running a contest.*

ALSO: Comments will have to be approved by me, so it may take a few hours as I can’t sit here all week approving them.  So if you comment it may take a while.  So be patient.

What is Half Life 2?  It’s a PC game.   You can see more information such as it’s system requirements and such here

15 Responses to “Contest – Free Copy Of Half Life 2!”

  1. CJ Fitchett Says:

    Let me get that HL2 sonnn

  2. :D Says:

    Great contest! Hope I win! 🙂

  3. Jlock Says:

    Hello, I’d be interested in winning the copy of Half-Life 2. So, I’ll make a quick post. As hard as it may seem, I’ve never played Half-Life 2. Though, having enjoyed the first Half-Life, It would be an honor to win a copy of Half Life 2.

  4. Derek Says:

    G-man rocks. Portal divides by zero

  5. blut Says:

    Hi! I played the original half life and thought it was the most amazing game, but I didn’t have a computer at the time that could play hl2 and couldn’t afford it, so now I’m here – still hl2-less
    Hope I win ^^
    thanks for doing this

  6. Says:

    Lol, I am probably disqualified. I already have 2 copies anywayz.

  7. (;,;) Says:

    I will gladly accept your gift. 🙂

  8. andy gorman Says:

    I would like it

  9. Rick Says:

    I’d love to get my hands on this since I never got around to playing it.

  10. Barnum Says:

    = Because I am such a Wonderful person, I will make a comment, just to help get you to the minimum 25 comments needed.
    . I do not want to win. (!)
    >I am not a game player so 1/2life would be useless to me.
    < Contest void where regulated, prophibited or otherwise restriced by law or ordinance.
    – With 25 entries your odds of winning are 4%, less if more enter.
    { I know you are thinking: "Wow! What an erudite entry } You know, you are correct.

    Good Luck everyone
    The preceeding was prerecorded so I could sit back enjoy my coffee and relax.

  11. Nikki Says:

    Psh hey. Met you on Omegle. Sucks you didnt use my idea 😛

  12. Clyde Beatty Says:

    According to the Wall Street Journal (Wed 16 Dec 09) anyone who plays Solitare or Minesweeper on the computer or tetris on the cell phone is a gamer. So by that defination I, too, am a gamer. Gamer darn it, not gamey.
    Like my circus pal Barnum, I am posting a comment just to help you reach the magic 25 entries you requested.
    Like my circus pal Barnum I do NOT want to Win!!
    Visit the Cole Brothers-Clyde Beatty Circus, still under canvas after all these years, and see some of the animals I brought back alive.
    Game on.

  13. Wiley Says:

    Joel, I think I already have this game. You should give it to that Nikki chick, names that end in i are hot …also usually cost $20 a dance.

  14. Usnish Majumdar Says:

    lolol lets get to 25!!

  15. Contest Cancelled | Says:

    […] it’s been a month since I started my contested ( to give away a copy of Half Life 2.  I received 14 entries, 11 of them being eligible, of the 25 […]