Sprint – Doesn’t want you to buy the Touch Pro2

08 Sep 2009
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So Sprint, we meet again.  Today Sprint has released a new phone, with all kinds of bells and whistles. Last time they did it, they decided to screw me out of it (As I wrote about here).

Well, this time, Sprint has decided the laws of supply and demand do not apply.  I think they’re smoking crack.

Today they released the HTC Touch Pro2. No problem with that.  This is only a few months after they released their poster child, the Palm Pre.  The part that makes me think Sprint is high, is the pricing.   See for yourself:

Sprint Pricing on HTC Touch Pro and Pro2

Sprint Pricing on HTC Touch Pro and Pro2

That’s a screen grab from Sprint.com.

Let me explain.  The HTC Touch Pro has been out for over a year.  The entire time it has been out, it has ALWAYS been $299 after rebates and such from Sprint.

Now the HTC Touch Pro 2 is out, the newer, updated version of the original Touch Pro. So, from what I know about economics, the price of the original Touch Pro should have gone down overtime, and especially after the release of the Palm Pre, and now the HTC Touch Pro2.  The demand of the original Touch Pro is probably now at it’s lowest.

But, as we know, Sprint is an evil corporation who is out to rip you off…I mean make a buck.  Yeah.

I have two theories to this:

  1. They are trying to make as much money as they possibly can by keeping the prices fixed.
  2. They are trying to make the Palm Pre the best selling phone ever.  So if you want one of the newest phones, you get to choose, $300+ for a Touch Pro/Pro2, or $200 for the Sprint poster child, Palm Pre. Which one would you obviously go for?

I honestly think it’s a combination of both.  Sprint is becoming more and more retarded in my opinion.

AT&T got exclusive rights to the iPhone, and when they release a new version, the old version of the iPhone gets removed, or at least lowered in price.

Sprint doesn’t even have the Touch Pro2 exclusively.  T-Mobile, and Verizon are getting it.

But since Sprint has an exclusive deal for the Palm Pre, they are trying to milk it as much as possible.  I’m on to you Sprint.

I know this post wasn’t that funny or amusing, get over it.  Seriously though? What the hell Sprint?

2 Responses to “Sprint – Doesn’t want you to buy the Touch Pro2”

  1. AG Bell Says:

    Next they will change the casse coloer, call it an improvement and raise the price.

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