Michael Jackson – Lost in Space!

20 Jul 2009
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Well well well…  Look what showed up in space…

MJ on the Space Shuttle

MJ on the Space Shuttle

The original photo can be located here: Yahoo Link

The picutre above with the red circle, and the discovery of this was made by a friend of mine: pop_icon (THANKS AGAIN!)

Fun Fact – Hitler. (Just had to work it in somehow)

2 Responses to “Michael Jackson – Lost in Space!”

  1. dan Says:

    Another Michael Jackson FAIL.

  2. Barnum Says:

    For an “entertainer” who had zero hit records / albums in the past five to ten years, they sure made a lot of (too much) noise. In the 80s early 90s he was among the best. Since then, the question is “Michel WHO?”
    Of much more importance was the passing of Ed McMahn, a US Marine and a fixture in the entertainment world for twenty to thirty years. -For you kids he was with Johnny Carson on the Tonight Show from the time Johnny took it over in the late 50’s (from Jack “I kid you not” Parr).
    The passing of Walter Cronkite, “The most trusted amn in America” should also get more play than the demise of a has-been.