– A Weighty Delivery

07 Jul 2009
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What the hell did they send me? had a special on a fold-able Bluetooth keyboard for Smartphones. I, being the Geek I am, decided to buy it since it was so cheap, and Bluetooth.

Here is a link to the product I purchased: Keyboard

According to, this is how much it weighs:
Weight: 6.65 ounces

Now here is the tracking information from FedEx for this order:

Fed Ex Tracking Info

Fed Ex Tracking Info

I checked, and double checked to make sure I had the right tracking number. 7.5 POUNDS? at 6.5 ounces, that would be roughly 18 of them for that weight.

Did accidentally ship me something more? I hope so, since I believe the law states if they send me something I didn’t pay for it constitutes a gift.

More than likely FedEx has some sort of error in its system…we shall see later this week.

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