My Stupid Wendy’s Boycott!

05 Oct 2008
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I’ve been boycotting Wendy’s Hamburgers (Fast food McDonalds type place if you live under a rock) for a few months now..why you ask?  Because they changed…I don’t know if it’s for the good but I don’t want to find out!

Remember about 5 years ago..when Wendy’s only dessert was the Frosty?  Remember? Me too.  Well now they have Frosty Floats, Vanilla Frosty, Frosty shakes?!?! What’s next Wendy?  Frosty Cones?  (Heh, dirty thought about Wendy’s frosty cones..get

You used to be cool Wendy..but you changed…you changed.

2 Responses to “My Stupid Wendy’s Boycott!”

  1. Jimmy hat Says:

    Seriously. what the **** is up with taking away the bacon cheeseburger for the “baconator” huh? **** YOU WENDY’S I WILL NEVER BE BACK! (Unless you bring back the bacon cheeseburger or I forget or something)

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    […] I’m still boycotting Wendy’s (and Arby’s because they are owned by the same company) as I mentioned in my Stupid Wendy’s Boycott post. […]