Sprint.com – Now That IS Funny

26 May 2009
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As I wrote HERE, Sprint is pulling a dick move (Definition) with the Palm Pre and SERO Plan holders…well today I went to Sprint.com for some reason or another and saw this ad…

Ad on Sprint.com

Ad on Sprint.com

I find this funny because to get the Palm Pre, they want me to upgrade to a plan that is $30-$40 more a month than I pay now for the exact same service.  A increase of $360 a year.

So on one hand they say throwing away $475 is bad, but on the other say say throw away $360-$480 just to be able to buy a phone for $200.


Currently I pay $35 a month. A new 2 yr contract at $65 a month, plus $200 for the phone, comes to approximately $1760 for the full 2 years.

My $35 a month plan, if I bought a new $200 phone (as long as it isn’t the Palm Pre), for 2 years, would cost me about $1040.

Yeah, thanks, but I don’t feel like spending $760 more. That’d be rubbish, right Sprint.com?


2 Responses to “Sprint.com – Now That IS Funny”

  1. a900 Says:

    Lol you need to give up on the Pre, it’s not a great phone. Definately not worth what sprint is asking.

  2. Dorkbomber Says:


    A palm pre review thingy. Summary: WebOS = win Keyboard = FAIL.