My Stupid Wendy’s Boycott Update! (I hate McFlurries)

25 Feb 2009
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I’m still boycotting Wendy’s (and Arby’s because they are owned by the same company) as I mentioned in my Stupid Wendy’s Boycott post.

I just found something out via a co-worker, that reminds me of something I think is retarded.  The McFlurry. The McFlurry, if you do not know, is McDonald’s soft serve ice cream, put into a cup, with Cookies/candy added and ‘blended’ (aka stirred vigorously) into a tasty treat.

Why is it retarded?  It’s something I can easily do with my damn spoon and you want me to pay a premium for it? A milkshake requires adding ice cream, milk, and flavoring and blending together.  Stirring broken Oreo’s in some soft serve is so easy a 5 year old could do it.

It’s the same amount of ice cream you’d get with a $0.89 cone from McDonald’s, and maybe $0.20 worth of cookie/candy pieces.  But they charge almost $3 for the convenience of stirring it for you.  I mean for fucks sake!  Here is my recipe for a cheaper McFlurry:

What you need before going to McDonald’s:

  • Candy/Cookie pieces.  These can be bought cheap at your local grocer. (You can buy the big thing of Oreo’s and bring about 3 or 4 in a plastic bag to McD’s)

What you need at McDonald’s:

  • Order an 89cent Ice Cream Cone
  • Ask for a small/medium cup (They usually have no problem giving these out for free)
  • Ask them for a spoon (Sometimes these are located next to the drink fountain for free!)
  • Go sit down.

Now the hard part, actually making Joel The Great’s Ghetto McFlurry:

  • Dump the ice cream into the cup (If there is any in the cone you can scoop it out with your free spoon!)
  • Add your cookie/candy pieces on top of the ice cream. (If you brought Oreo’s, probably should smash them in the plastic bag before putting them in the cup)
  • Take your free spoon and stir them in thoroughly.

TADA!!! You just saved at least a $1.50 for the same thing! And added bonus, you have an empty ice cream cone that you can either crush and sprinkle in, wear as a hat, feed some birds with, whatever you want!!

So what does this have to do with Wendy’s and my Stupid Boycott?  Well if you’re a fart smella…I mean smart fella you probably already guessed it.

That’s right! Wendy’s now has a ‘Twisted Frosty!’  What is a Twisted Frosty?  It’s a Frosty (soft serve ice cream) with bit of cookies/candies twisted in!! (aka stirred vigorously)  It’s just like a McFlurry…

So Wendy’s is now up to Frosty Floats, Frosty Shakes, and now Twisted Frosty’s! They probably have had them for a while, but as someone who is not eating there, then I am obviously not up to date with the latest offerings.

Back when Dave was alive, and in charge of Wendy’s, things where great.  Ever since his passing Wendy’s keeps selling out and trying to be like everyone else.  What ever happen with being better, being different?
Do you know the reason Wendy’s has square burgers instead of round?  Because Dave does not cut corners!  Wendy’s does not cut corners!  But at this rate, I would not be surprised to see round Wendy’s burgers soon.

So yes I still am boycotting Wendy’s, and yes I do miss their fries.

3 Responses to “My Stupid Wendy’s Boycott Update! (I hate McFlurries)”

  1. Dr. Thunder Says:

    OMG. Seriously you want to bitch about Wendy’s? Don’t even get me started on my former favorite fast food in this town. I have been doing an incidental boycott for over a year. It wasn’t really planned but heres a quick breakdown:
    1. I used to go there alot and get the bacon cheeseburger combo.
    2. I ordered it so often I would just order it by it’s combo number (4)
    3. They changed the #4 to the “baconator” or some shit like that. If I recall correct it’s like two hamburger patties and a bunch of bacon and some cheese. Which I would be ok with but they REMOVED EVERY VEGETABLE. No lettuce, no tomato, no onion, etc.
    4. I got that burger as a surprise by not paying attention and ordering a #4, bad enough. But the next time I went in found that they had completely ditched the bacon cheesburger idea but I could get a regular burger and pay extra for bacon OR a baconator and pay for vegetables.


  2. Dairy Queen - innovative thinking. | Says:

    […] with Dairy Queen to try some of this for free is this: From what I know, you have not sold out, as Wendy’s has. So if you let me try your value menu for free, then I will more than likely not boycott you […]

  3. Reverend Tex B. Acon Says:

    Very nice information…the World needs more Bacon info! Thanks for this, Hallelujah 🙂
    Rev. Tex B. Acon
    First Pastor of Baconpops – Maple Bacon Lollipops
    WWBD – What Would Bacon Do?