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16 Feb 2009
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Google searching for ‘Blog of Doom’ reveals that it is a very unoriginal name for a blog. I vowed to change it but was having trouble coming up with a new name.  But finally, finally I thought of a name that is not commonly used, and fits a point I want to get across.

Welcome to Joel The Great’s Blog of Imminent Stabbing!
Why did I choose this name?Well there are many reasons.  My articles stab at your mind, and make you think.  Some of the stuff I write about won’t hit you till a little after you have left this site (hence imminent).  But there is one main reason.

I think it should be legal to stab people.  Yes, STAB, as in with a knife.  People as in humans, you, me, your friends.

Now I’m not advocating the killing of people. I don’t think it should be legal to kill people.  And of course there are certain requirements for the stabbing of an individual.

As you may have read in my articles, and probably figured out for yourself.  The world is full of idiots, mindless sheep, and annoying assholes.  I strongly believe that the more of an asshole/idiot/moron/dumb-ass/fucking waste of DNA you are, the more likely you should get stabbed.

You always drive with your high-beams on blinding people making it hard for them to see if it is safe to merge and possibly causing accidents that could hurt or kill innocent people. THEN YOU SHOULD BE STABBED! (preferably in the eye you prick)

You let your kid wander 3 aisles away from you in the store because you’re too busy talking to someone on your cell phone, giving child predators ample time to hurt/molest/steal your kid.  THEN YOU SHOULD BE STABBED!! (Preferably in the reproductive organs because you should not be using them as intended you douche)

So as I was saying, it should be legal to stab people, not to kill, but to give them a permanent reminder to pull their head out of their ass.  Maybe the not so stupid, but kind of annoying people could just get a smal cut across the back or something? Who knows!

But there you have it, my new blog name so it’ll be more original, and a fucked up reason as to why.

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