Illinois 2017 – Day 6 – Welcome To The Midwest

11 Jul 2017
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(If you are just getting here, you may want to start with DAY 1)

Day 6

This was basically the reason for this trip…

Family.  Love them or hate them, family is forever or some sentimental quote from most likely a Disney movie.

We woke up and went downstairs to get our allotted Morning Breakfast from our hotel.  In this little town we had the pleasure of staying at a Holiday Inn Express & Suites, and OMG was there breakfast fantastic.

First off, they have A PANCAKE MACHINE!  You press a button and within like 30 seconds 2 pancakes come out fresh and hot.  It even has a window so you can see it dispense the batter onto it’s neat little conveyer belts that also cook it and watch the entire process.  It’s like a mini episode of how it’s made right in front of your eyes!

I googled it, and it is way to expensive for me to have at home compared to just toasting some frozen pre-made pancakes.

Besides that they had WARM cinnamon rolls that were amazing, omelettes , and all the sorts of things you’d find at a nice hotel breakfast offering.  And there coffee was fantastic.  Basically the next few days of breakfast were amazing and enjoyed immensely.

The other thing is our daughter is a social butterfly.  She will chat to most everyone she meats.  This means she made quick friends with the lovely lady (Claire) who was the employee in charge of the breakfast area.  Including telling this random lady about her loose toof (Tooth).

SIDE STORY BECAUSE I FORGOT IT EARLIER:  Our daughter is at the age where her baby teeth are starting to fall out.  During one of the days of driving, she requested the movie on the in car video system be paused.  The reason for the sudden stop of in-car entertainment was because one of her teeth had finally come out.  We had been waiting a week or so for it to start coming out.

After a leisurely breakfast, we went to my Grandma’s house to hang out before we would be going to meet the rest of our relatives at a local pizza buffet called ‘Pizza Ranch.’

Pizza Ranch is something else I tell you.  It’s a Pizza Buffet place, that has a salad bar, other food (Fried Chicken, fries, other things I can’t remember), desert bar, and a ‘ranch’ sort of theme.  Which I found amusing because the town we are in is in the middle of corn fields as far as the eye can see.  I’m not 100% positive, but corn is grown on farms.  Cattle/Horses/livestock are grown on ranches…right?   Maybe it should have been called Pizza Farm?

The sort of Pizza Of The Month/Special they had was Cheeseburger Pizza with Fries.  That’s right.  French fries on a pizza along with burger meat, onions, and pickles.  Hashtag Welcome To The Midwest.    Of course we all tried it, I didn’t like it because pickles on a pizza just isn’t for me.  But fries on a pizza wasn’t horrid.

My Aunt who basically coordinated the majority of the trip had reserved an entire room.

In attendance were my: Aunt, Uncle, Grandma, Mom, Cousins, Some close family friends, Brother, wife, kids.   Also some Norwegian(?) lady one of my cousins is dating (I think internet relationship?) flew in for this shindig.

Grandma said some nice things about hoping we all keep in touch and it’s exactly what she wanted (All the family together, chatting, and all that jazz).  Overall not a horrible time.

The rest of the day wasn’t really anything extremely note worthy, I believe we went swimming in the hotel pool, hung out at my Grandma’s house some more (had some sandwiches and stuff there), and just had a nice relaxing day.

Up Next:  Day 7 – Schrödinger’s Restaurant.

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