Illinois 2017 – Day 3 – We’re All Elvis

02 Jul 2017
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Day 3

“Elvis is Everywhere.  Elvis is everything. Elvis is everybody. Elvis is still The King!” ~ Mojo Nixon


If you haven’t figured it out from the title, or that quote, today is the day we went to…


(by the way, the quote at the top is from a song that is just fantastic.  Thank you to Jesse for introducing me to that song back when we were younger.)

BTW: If you just arrived at this page randomly and want to catch up with what has happened, start at the beginning: DAY ONE

We toured two of his jets.

Lisa Marie Cockpit (heheh cock)


We toured his mansion (Graceland).


And some other neat things of his.

Elvis Pistol

Elvis Pink Jeep

Elvis 25″ RCA (shot by Elvis when Robert Goulet was on)

Elvis Blue Brocade suit (The joke here is Brocade is a hardware vendor in the field I work in)

Overall it is a fun (yet pricey) little piece of history.  Things they had on exhibit:

  • Some of his cars / vehicles (Motorbikes, snomobile, carts, etc.)
  • Military service related things from when he served
  • Lots of his wardrobe
  • Things worn/used by other Rock Stars that say they were influenced in some form by Elvis (On loan from Rock N Roll Hall of fame, including stuff from Gene Simmons, Jimi Hendrix, Dwayne The Rock Johnson, Elton John, etc. and so forth).
  • Movies/Videos (Both commercial and home video’s).

We had a lovely lunch at Gladys’ Diner.  My son, in his infinite wisdom pronounced it like “glade-eez” (I blame the Texas School System).  My son had a Peanut Butter and Banana sandwich just like Elvis used to eat.

Amusing thing, the tour of the Mansion/property/Meditation garden/memorial was done via iPad’s with an interactive tour guide narrated by John Stamos (From Full House).  It was actually a well done combination of technology and real life tour.  As a geek I give it a thumbs up.  I didn’t see if there was a place you could get the app/tour for home use though…which brings me to a small rant.

There are roughly 15 exhibits/attractions the park has on it’s map.  There are EIGHT (8) shopping/souvenir  locations.  That’s 1 shopping/souvenir  location PER TWO exhibits/attractions.  (Don’t believe me, check out their map here.) And they all have some different items at each one, and a few of the same.  That means if you are trying to be nice and get souvenirs for family, you may need to walk all around to see what is at each place.  You can tell me things about business and tourist trap and blah blah blah, I get it. I understand why the Milk is in the back of the Grocery store.  BUT as a society it bothers me when things are made so inefficient.  Yes…I know places like Disney/Six Flags, etc. have different souvenir shops all throughout the park.  But those are dozen acre sizes affairs.  This place is not large enough to need EIGHT different shops.  Sorry. /rant.

After that it was just a leisurely 4+ hour drive from Memphis TN to where our next hotel was in Illinois.

But to get there, we had to hop back over the Mississippi river, through a bit of Arkansas, then through some of Missouri, and again across the Mighty Miss to Illinois.  We started our day in the north part of the State of Mississippi.  In one day we were in: Mississippi, Tennessee, Arkansas, Missouri, and Illinois!  How insane is that?

Alright, that’s not really too insane, pretty sure people in the East Coast have probably been through like 9 states in a day.  But as someone whose been in Texas the past [long ass time] years, it’s amazing to me to be able go through multiple states in one day.

We did enjoy some White Castle while driving for dinner, and damn was it good.  I really wish the San Antonio area would get some Krystal/White Castle in the near future.

Amusing side story from the morning of this day.  On the way to Memphis one of the freeway’s had an electronic warning/info sign (the kind Amber Alerts and the like are displayed).  This one warned of debris in the center lane.   The debris was an entire wooden desk.

And within seconds of me passing it I looked at it in my side view mirror in time to see a truck smash head first into it sending pieces of wood everywhere!  What kind of truck was it?  A semi?  Nope.  A huge ranch like truck?  Nope.  A two-door white Toyota.  Bumper completely got smashed in, a bit of wood got lodged under it (but the driver kept driving).  This left us to ponder:  Did he do that on purpose?  Was he just not paying enough attention to miss an entire wooden desk that was 3-4 feet tall in the middle of the freeway?  Was he on his phone (I couldn’t see to tell)?    Weird shit happens when you drive across state lines.

Onto day 4!

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