Modified Truck – What In The Fuck?!

20 Apr 2013
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I spend five hundred hours a day commuting, slinking around high schools, stalking people from my car.  In all my driving I’ve seen all manner of things on the road.  Asshole drivers, people with trashcans for exhausts, overcompensating truck owners, trucks with exhausts sticking out the truck bed, so on and so forth.   But just a few days ago, I saw a truck modified in such a manner, I was unable to use proper grammar (heh, that rhymed).  

Without further ado:

What In The Fuck, Truck?

What In The Fuck, Truck?

When I started catching up to this guy, I thought it was one of those lifted pickups, but it looked kind of weird.

As I got closer I realized what I was looking at, sort had big back wheels, and small front wheels…what…

Then I noticed that it was a work truck. Not some hot rod. Not some custom ride. It’s got front body damage, a wheelbarrow/buckets/tools in the back, and some paint/construction stuff splattered in various places.  I mean this is like a hardcore, been using it for 5+ years for construction/contracting work, WORK truck.


Why would you do that to a work truck?  Doesn’t that make loading tools/materials in the back harder to do with the tail up in the air like a hooker?

Oh, and yes, I took those pictures while I was driving. In the rain. On the highway. Whose speed limit is 70MPH.  After I worked an 11+ hour shift. Unlike other people though I’m not a complete moron, there was no one within about a quarter mile behind me, and my commute is 90% in a straight line which is super easy to drive with cruise control. Whatever.

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  1. Blake Says:

    It’s entirely possible this was done in a(stupid) attempt to offset the “crush,” of a suspension when hooked up to a heavy load and the wider, larger rear tires are intended to make the best of the engine’s power. I’ve seen a similarly setup, but much less “blinged,” setup on a farm truck (1970’s Datsun) a friend bought from a pig farmer. (I live in Arkansas and regularly take trucks in places in the mountains they do not belong and have seen every variant of truck, probably) Anyway, the pig farm had put about three extra leaf springs on the rear so that when he (the farmer) loaded it up with manure or other farm related items it rode somewhat level. When we got the truck it had a massive weight in the bed and got awful mileage and after several of us managed to get the weight out of the bed the truck sat somewhat like that.