McDonald’s – Any Lane! Any Time!

18 Nov 2012
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The other day I decided my high blood pressure, and high BMI (That’s body mass index for you idiots out there) needed some love.  So I hit up one of my 1,145,532.7 local McDonald’s to get some cheeseburgers.  As I don’t like dealing with humans, or getting out of my car (What? Someone whose technically overweight doesn’t want to get out of his car? BIG FUCKING SHOCK THERE!!!), I hit up the drive thru. 

As I drove up to the newly remodeled ‘can it really be considered food’ emporium, I encountered this:

Mutli Lane Drive thru.


As the picture is kind of blurry/crappy, let me explain what you are seeing.  Some McDonald’s (And other fast food places I’ve seen) have TWO lanes to drive up to when placing your order.  Supposedly this helps with getting your bag of fat supplements faster.  You drive up to the left or right order box thing, tell them your order, explain it again because they didn’t understand you, then repeat it back to them even though you know they’ll still manage to fuck up the simplest things like NO FUCKING PICKLES, then both lanes merge into one line to go pay/getfood/destroyyourheart. ‘MERICA!

Now as you can see in the picture, there are cones blocking one of the lanes…I find this funny because of the sign right in the middle.


Any Lane! Any Time!

Any Lane, Any Time! It hopelessly mocks you as one of the lanes is blocked off.  Why does it matter?  It doesn’t!!! I just thought it was amusing and thought I’d share, stop being a judgmental prick, laugh at the funny juxtaposition, and then like/share/tweet this article to your social media friends so they can have a chuckle too!

What I wanted to do when I saw that, besides take a crappy picture, was to drive right over those cones and use the left lane.  But alas, I drive a piece of shit car, and wasn’t sure it would be able to survive.


5 Responses to “McDonald’s – Any Lane! Any Time!”

  1. Viktor vander Dekken Says:

    Getting your fat butt out of the car to grab your grease bomb boogers and fries would be good for you and might even lower the BMI and drop the blood pressure down way below the “bout to explode” level.
    Course I have no room to talk, needing to lose 20 to 30 pounds myself. My problem is I suffer from the “Too’s” To lazy to exercise and too weak to push away from the table.
    Heck of a thing. Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. Steve Says:

    Hey, question about an older blog. Did anyone ever contact you about the worth of the Star Wars Ep.II trailer? I think I came across one and was trying to find the value of it.

  3. Joel The Great Says:

    I was unable to find any information about it’s worth. The only things I found were maybe 2 ebay auctions at the time, but they were for like $10-$20.

  4. Samantha Hood Says:

    Love it.

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