Censoring – You’re Doing It Wrong

28 Oct 2012
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I was looking at the random internet/geeky type blogs I read, one of them being While I was looking over their articles, I saw the following: 

As you’ll notice, the title of the article starts with “The Best F*cking…”  They censored the word fucking, with an asterisk (You know, in case you’re 4 years old, and that way you won’t understand that word and corrupt your young mind).

I don’t understand…they censored the word FUCK in their writing…but right next to their words is a picture in big letters that says “A 16GB GALAXY FUCKING NOTE.”    The little blurb for their article contains the word FUCKING five times, each one replacing the U with a *.

BUT WAIT!! There’s more!!

So if you actually go read the article, it’s about a person who made a very colorful (Picture and language usage) ad on craigslist to sell their Galaxy Note. posted all the pictures from that ad.

Contained in those pictures were the following bad words (What most consider bad words anyways):

  • fucking (used 21 times)
  • dick
  • shit (used twice)
  • pussy (not so much a bad word, unless you use it the way I do…giggity)
  • assholes
  • ass
  • god damned
  • bullshit
  • fuck (used twice)

Why the fuck did they bother censoring their own use of the word fucking with a stupid asterisk? The only reason you would censor something like that is if you are trying not to offend people with your language (“Won’t somebody think of the children!”).  But to do something like that while at the same time posting pictures containing the same word, uncensored, 21 times?  What the fuck gizmodo?

Here, you can check it out for yourself:

If you look closely, you can see they edited the word even in their own URL.   fcking = fucking

That’s a pretty f*cking st*pid *ss thing to do, what a bunch of f*cktards.


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