Violent Acres / Violentacrez – An Interesting Spike In Traffic

19 Oct 2012
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In 2010, and earlier, I wrote a post in regards to another personal blog on the internet called ‘Violent Acres.’ (Those articles can be seen here and here).  It was an interesting site, some thought provoking, and possibly offensive stories, until it went to shit, which is what the first article I linked (The one I wrote in 2010) is about.

Well, me being a geek/nerd type person, I love numbers and statistics, and lately there has been a spike in people finding my article via Google Search. I did some investigation, and I found out why. 

I saw that I had about 20 visits to that article today, from the google search for “Violent Acres,” and went and looked at the trending of that search term:

Google Trends of Violent Acres search

As you can notice, that search has been in steady decline for years, until the past few months when it suddenly jumps back up.

Using more Google search magic, I went looking for recent articles in the past month or containing the term Violent Acres. And what I found out, is this is all due to spelling.

I found this article about a Reddit user who goes as “Violentacrez.”  Which apparently is pronounced as “Violent Acres.” They are not related in one little bit.

The summary of the story, is some guy on Reddit, who used to ‘Troll’ (A term for those who generally cause mischief on purpose), was unmasked by Gawker Media…or something…I didn’t really read the article. It’s quite long.

My point is I find it funny that a lot of people are searching for information about this ‘violentacrez’ guy, but are typing it in wrong and magically getting to my site.   HAHAHAH! Suckers!

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