Sonic – Where Happy Hour Specials Really Aren’t

07 Sep 2012
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Near where I live, there are quite a few Sonic Drive In’s.  It’s basically your pricier Mcd’s or Burger King, but there is no inside seating.  If you’ve never heard of it, you can google it yourself. I’m not going to explain it.

So sometime ago (Back when I wasn’t updating my blog), I stopped by there to continue my quest toward heart disease.  When I noticed they have ‘Happy Hour Specials!” As seen below: 

Being the crazy person I am, and having time to wait for my order (thanks incompetent teenagers making my burger!), I decided to see how good their Happy Hour deals were.  I did this by using an advanced algorithm based on the Moon’s apex in the sky divided by the number of times the Post Office delivered the wrong mail to my neighbor.  Or maybe it was I did the math in my head because it was simple.

I found that most of the items on that list aren’t a horrible deal, but not that spectacular either…until I got to the last item.  One(1) Corn Dog for 99 cents.  Seems a bit much to me. (PROTIP: You can buy a package of 12 corn dogs at your local grocery store for like $4).

I took the 99 cent price on the Happy Hour Specials sign, and looked for the item on the regular menu to see how much they charge when it’s not happy hour.  And this is what I found:

For those who can’t see my spectacular, non-instagram photos, the Happy Hour corn dog price is the same as the Everyday value corn dog.  Maybe I don’t understand the word special?  

Good job Sonic…good job.

What scares me the most though, is I’m damn positive some people pull up during happy hour and are like “OMG CORN DOG FOR 99 CENTS!!” And buy like 25 of them because they’re too stupid to compare the normal price within 18 inches of the happy hour sign.  Yes they aren’t being ripped off, but they are technically being tricked into thinking they are saving a few pennies.

One Response to “Sonic – Where Happy Hour Specials Really Aren’t”

  1. Viktor vander Dekken Says:

    In the ancient language of Latin, “Cavaet Emptor” let the buyer beware. As William Claude Dunkenfeld pointed out “You can not cheat an honest man = He HAS to have larceny in his soul. Or we could quote Phyneas Taylor Barnum and his “there is a sucker born every minutes.”