Guess Who’s Back?!

04 Sep 2012
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This site still gets something like 1,300 visits a month, even without me posting! Now I know that 1,300 visits a month isn’t spectacular, but considering this is a site where I just ramble and rant, and 1% of the time make an actual decent, coherent post, it’s not to shabby.

I figure if I start posting again, I may get more traffic. Then maybe those stupid ads I put on this site may actually become of some use to me. (After 3.5 years of ads, I still haven’t made even $100 from having them…)  Fun fact: The basic math implies that my site generates about $2.38 per month in ad revenue!  That’s just over $28* annually!  I can retire finally!! (*before cost of running site/domain name purchase are calculated)

Yes, that means the majority of my decision to return to my blog is for personal gain.  If that shocks you, then you obviously haven’t been in the real world much.

The other reason I returned is I like writing.  I’m not the best writer. My grammar is not always the goodest. But I try, and that’s good enough of a reason.  My updates will probably still be sporadic, like 1 every 2-3 weeks, with the occasional 2-3 posts in a week followed by a few weeks of nothing.  Deal with it. There is no schedule to this.

So sit back, relax, and stay tuned for more hilarious stories of rage and stupidity.

(Oh, also, that other site I mentioned previously…It didn’t go as planned…lets just move on and forget about it, k?)


One Response to “Guess Who’s Back?!”

  1. Viktor vander Dekken Says:

    Welcome Back. The blog of Imminente stabbing was a fun filled frolic of frivilous facttettes.