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09 May 2012
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**UPDATE: THIS POST IS NO LONGER ACCURATE, was not used like I thought it would be. I’m going to leave the post on the site though, as I believe in continuity**


Well it’s about time this happened.  As the three dedicated readers I have may have noticed, I’ve run low/out of stupid things to complain about.  It’s not that I don’t want to continue writing, it’s just that I’ve found the following problems:

  1. I’ve complained about damn near everything I normally complain about
  2. Most of the things I complain about, everyone else does as well (Google: First World Problems)
  3. I’m not as angry/bitter as I used to be, so the amount of rage I have to put behind my ramblings makes boring posts.

The bad news is that means I’m officially stopping this blog (for now).  This site will continue to run forever as I still get an average of 30 visits a day via search engines, and it’s hosted on a server I do not have to pay for (Employee benefit at my job).  So all my great rants (all 3 of them), and my horrible ramblings (the rest of the site) will be up for as long as I’m employed.

Fun Fact: This blog has been up for just about 3.5 years, and has gotten just shy of 30,000 visits during that time (At the time of this writing)

The good news is I plan to keep writing!  With that I’m announcing my new blog:

As I realize I don’t have long to live on this planet, and the chances of me writing/publishing a book are pretty damn slim, and there is always a chance I’ll get Alzheimer’s or suffer a stroke, I figure I should write down some of the more amusing points of my life somewhere.

With that I’m launching Ha Ha Ha Thud (.com), as a place where I will relive my past, and point out mistakes I’ve made.  It’ll be a good time for the whole family!

So thanks to everyone for visiting, feel free to poke around at my old articles, and I hope to see you at my new blog.

~Joel The Great

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