Chinese Buffet- Lazy Decorators

05 Feb 2012
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Today I decided to challenge my intestinal tract by having dinner at a local Chinese Buffet (I survived thankfully).  While there I spotted something that amused me.

 Yep. Those are Christmas decorations.  That picture was taken on February 4th 2012…

What’s even more amusing was that on the other side of the room they had those same garlands, but put up pink/red hearts above the booths for Valentines day. I did not get a picture of them because they were on the other side of the room, and I’m a lazy bastard.

So this Chinese Buffet not only had Christmas decorations still out (both sides of the room, and at their drink station towards the middle), they also had put up Valentines day decorations on like one quarter of their restaurant.   Lazy bastards.

One Response to “Chinese Buffet- Lazy Decorators”

  1. Ernie Effeciency Says:

    The greenery is not Christmas decorations, the operators are preparing for Arbor Day and celebrating Gaia the green mohter earth, or at least the Green Mother!
    Or they are forward thinking and are already prepared for Christmas 2012.
    Which may be cancelled IF the Mayans are right the the world ends this year.
    Did Ja ever wonder about those people who rail about “getting religion into everything” yet who are strangely silent about Saint Valentine’s Day. Note the title “Saint.” He was beatified by the Catholic Church. For more info, sign up for “Comparative Religion 101” at your local college.
    Can’t really complain about your Chinese place as I once had a courtesy aunt who took down her Christmas decorations at Easter or April – whichever was later.
    So how was the “all you can jam down your throat” meal? Did you ever learn to use chop sticks? Did you, as the Mandarin potentate urged Marco Polo, dig’em down deep – Dog on bottom.