Coke Rewards – Expired Idiocy

28 Jan 2012
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Back story: McDonald’s runs a promotion/contest every so often that is tied in with the board game Monopoly. The food comes with game pieces that could potentially win you cash and fabulous prizes.  But more likely you will win more bad for you food from McDonald’s, or other worthless crap.  Each game piece has a code you can enter online to hopefully win more useless things.

Even though I do know better, I enjoy me some cheap crappy food from time to time and time again. So when there is a chance for me to buy the McCrap and get free McCrap out of it, I jump at the chance like your mom around sailors.  I did this and won a bunch of Coke Rewards points.  End of back story, what’s my point?  

Those of you don’t know what Coke Rewards are, it’s like Pepsi points retarded cousin.  Very similar, but you know…retarded. And if you don’t know what Pepsi points are, get the fuck away from me.

So I scored some points, and the only thing worth redeeming was for coupons to get free coke products, that way everyone loses.   I did that months ago…

Today I received an email from them.  The subject simply read: “Joel, your points are about to expire”  OH NO!!! MY PRECIOUS POINTS!!! I thought as I opened the email, seen below:


Oh no! They expire in 2-weeks!  How many points do I have anyways…

Zero.  None. Nada. Zip. Zilch.

Congratulations Coke Rewards!  You successfully informed me that the NOTHING I have is expiring!  I’m thankful I got the email, I would have hated for those zero points to go to waste.

Bullet dodged.

One Response to “Coke Rewards – Expired Idiocy”

  1. Paul Pepsi Says:

    Congratulations. You now know that the big heartless corporation really does have your best interest at heart.
    “Don’t go someplace else to get cheated – Come here, we will cheat you good.”
    Am I correct in thinking to get enough Coke Rewards points to get anything better the a crackerjack-type (extrememly cheap!!)prize you would have to eat five big meals a day, every day for six months to get anything anywhere near good.
    You could buy the equal thing for about 1/8 of what you would spend at Mr Mac’s Golden Arch Supper Club to acquire the required Coke Reward points.