Pickup Trucks – Homosexual Exhaust

30 Jan 2012
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I spend a decent part of my day commuting through a rather populated city.  This means while trying to not get killed by all the tailgating, non-blinker using, cut you off even if you’re their mother idiots out there, I get to see all kinds of vehicles.  I get to see new models, old models, ones that have been abused through out life, ones that have been pampered.  And then there are those that people actively decided to change in some way. I’ve covered something like that with cars before.   But this…this is something new!  

I’m not sure when this started, or why, but I can’t be the only one who thinks this looks stupid:


Do you see it?  The exhaust.  It’s coming out of the back of the bed of the truck.  Why?  Why would anyone pay good money to do that?  Some people even make it so they have TWO exhausts sticking up from their truck bed.

You’ve heard the old saying that people with large trucks are trying to compensate for a lack of something? What? You haven’t?  It goes like this: Usually men, who have a small penis, apparently buy a large truck that they put on large wheels to make up for the lack of penis God has given them. Part of the whole pissing contest thing us men are supposed to be fighting every day.

This obviously is the compensation part going to far.  It looks like your truck has a weird boner. You throw that extremely large, upright exhaust with a pair of THESE, and what are you saying?

Your saying as a male you love to drive a big dick around…or since the exhaust is behind the cab..maybe you are saying you like a huge dick with dangly balls right  behind you…while you are in a sitting type position?  Hey I’m not here to judge! Different strokes for different folks if you know what I mean *WINK WINK*.

Besides the hidden homosexual possibilities, what is the point of this?  I know large semi-trucks (18-wheelers) have high reaching smoke stack type exhausts.  But that’s because they often do end up stopped somewhere with their engine idling for a long period of time.  Which makes sense to have the exhaust up high and out of the way.

Also large semi-trucks haul large trailers that don’t really want to be marked/damaged by the exhaust from the truck.  Some trailers have marketing, others are open palets of onions, or tomato trucks.  You don’t want your tomatoes to taste like diesel do you?

Most of the trucks I see with this stupid truck bed exhaust look like they’ve never towed a DAMN thing in their life.  Just another idiot who bought a vehicle designed for certain tasks, SUCH AS OFF ROADING, and then driving them in a simple way that defeats the reason for it’s existence.  It’s like buying a blender just to use as a coffee mug.

This honestly looks like a redneck response to the stupid fart cans:


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