Methodist Hospital San Antonio (Part 1)

29 Oct 2011
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I normally do not put personal information on my site.  I try to avoid talking about my family, or any other information like that.  Partially because I’m paranoid and I don’t want me or my family easily researched/cyberstalked.  But the absolute absurdness of what happened to me and my Family at Methodist Hospital requires me to share it.   

Earlier this year (2011) my wife found out she was pregnant (Since we don’t have a gardener or pool boy, I’m sure it’s mine).  This means there have been all kinds of preparation, classes, appointments, doctors, purchasing, so on and son on. My wife wanted our baby to be born in the same hospital she was born in.  Methodist Hospital in San Antonio TX (Refered to from this point forward as MHSA because I’m lazy and don’t want to keep typing that).  I saw no problem in this, and went along for the ride.

My wife is a person who likes to be prepared.  It’s a nice trait to have at times.  This means she registered with MHSA about 2-3 months before her due date.  Scheduled us for the classes they offered (Things such as labor, breast feeding, taking care of a newborn, etc.).  I thought this was great, and everything was peachy.

Fast forward to 5 days prior to my wife’s due date.  It’s a Friday afternoon, I was taking a nap (I don’t work Fridays, why is none of your business), and the phone rings. So in my “You just ruined my afternoon nap” state of mind I answered the phone.

“Hello, this is so-and-so with MHSA, I see [My Wife] is registered to give birth at our hospital.  I’m calling to set up payment arrangements..I see your insurance covers…blah blah blah co-pay….yadda-yadda deductible….”

Wait…what?  I was very confused.  I was partially confused due to the “Woman’s Center” using very odd wording that made it seem like everything was already paid for, but my brain partially remembered that I would have to pay MHSA something.  But I was mostly confused at the timing.

“Wait, so even though my wife registered with your MHSA like 3 months ago, you wait until 5 days before her due date to set up some sort of payment plan?”  The lady had an answer along the lines of it’s their normal procedure.  I told her I’d have to call her back.  Mainly because I wanted to verify with the woman’s center about the payments I already made (Great news, they close on Noon on Fridays…), and also because if they can’t call me in a timely manner, then I won’t call them back in a timely manner either. Also it being close to my wife’s due date, why should I waste time calling them when I should be in MHSA sometime soon.

This was just the beginning of the confusion that is MHSA.  Lets fast forward eight days to the day my wife started labor.

Saturday October 15th:

My wife started having contractions that morning.  In the afternoon we called the 0n-call doctor who told us to go into the hospital to be checked.  We went in, my wife was admitted, and so we began.  Unfortunately my wife started experiencing Labor Induced HyperTension (High blood pressure due to the whole giving birth thing).  This required them to give her a medicine via IV that was something like Magnesium Sulfide (I think?).  Some of its side effects include: light headed, flushed/warm feeling, slows down contractions. The Magnesium requires her to be kept in bed since she could easily faint being all light headed.  They also gave her Pitocin to counteract the slowing down the Magnesium does.  My wife also was diagnosed as having StrepB which is an infection pretty much everyone has, but if it’s ‘active’ in a pregnant lady it can easily be transferred to the baby being born.  So they also started giving her the antibiotic for that as well.  And of course an epidural.

Sunday October 16th:

Roughly 3am, baby is born!  Happy day!  So when the doctor yanked the baby out with salad tongs and a plunger (I think I need to find a legitimate doctor next time, not someone from Craigslist), they set the baby on my wife’s chest, while my wife had a sheet/towel thing on her chest on top of her gown.  Why does that matter you ask?

You see, in at least two of the free classes (Breast feeding, Labor and Delivery classes), they emphasized  many times that MHSA was a huge promoter of Skin-To-Skin on birth.  What that means is when the baby is born, they place the baby as soon as humanely possibly against the woman’s bare skin, usually the chest area.  It’s been scientifically shown to help promote all kinds of things with the baby, but I won’t cover all that here.  But here we are, in the delivery room, baby popped out, and they are placing the baby on some towels, on top of my wife’s gown.  How is that Skin-To-Skin?  On top of that they said that the Skin-to-Skin will also be used to start breast feeding as soon as possible (hopefully within an hour)

THEN, not even 5-10 minutes later they whisk the baby over to a table thing to do stuff they need to do. Measurements, glucose levels, clean up, etc.

After some of that they finally gave the baby back to my wife, where she was able to hold her and attempt to breast feed.  This was honestly just about an hour after birth.  Fantastic.

Most of this I didn’t realize at the time, as there was a lot going on, and it was a very exciting time as any parent can tell you. But after it all settled down, we went over what had happened and started raising our eyebrows in a collective “What the fuck just happened?”

Time is a blur.

From this point on, the day of the week, the hour of the day, it all blurs and meshes together in my mind. The remaining bits of this story will  jump around and overlap a bit.

So after my wife was able to hold her baby for about 30 minutes and attempt to breast feed, the nurse needed to check the babies glucose levels (Standard procedure).  She noted that the babies glucose was very low, and lower than what it was right at birth, so the baby needed whisked away.

The baby went to the Nursery to be checked, measured, so on and so on.  I stuck with the baby while my Mother-in-law stuck with my wife.

After over 2 hours of me standing outside the nursery watching through a window at them, they finally came out to tell me what was going on (Her blood sugar was low, I knew that), and let me know they’d be doing tests, checking/watching her for at least 2 more hours.  At this point I decided to go down to where my wife was and check on her.

My wife is doing fine, minus the whole taking of her baby away from her.  We all catch some naps.

Eventually a Nurse/Doctor/Someone with an ID Badge comes down to update us on our baby.   They go on explaining that she’d need to go to the NICU (Newborn Intensive Care Unit, the place you DO NOT want your baby to go if at all possible) for monitoring because she is not maintaining her glucose (Blood Sugar), and her body temperature is not staying where they want it either. In hind sight, if you can’t keep your blood sugar up, then you might have trouble with your body temp, at least that’s what I think.  Remember, I’m not a doctor, I just play one in the back of my van.

Luckily we are told we can go see her.  Unfortunately due to the Magnesium medicine my wife required, she cannot get out of bed, doctors orders.  The standard practice is to keep a patient on that medicine for 24 hours after birth.  Fan-Fucking-Tastic.

Over the next few hours many things happened. I went and checked on the baby to get information on what the hell was going on, I tried to make my wife feel better in light of the situation, and attempted to get some food (8am rolled in around this time).

After harassing the nurse’s many times we were able to get them to get a doctor to determine when my wife could come off the Magnesium so she could go see her baby.  Around 10 or so AM a doctor finally showed up, said my wife was doing well so they’d let her off the medicine after only 12 hours.  Good news is that means my wife can see her baby 12 hours sooner, bad news is there was still about 4 hours till then.

During this time, on occasion I would need to leave my wife’s side and go get things like my lunch, and check on the baby, and take care of some other crap such as the parking situation (We’ll get to that, just you wait).

The Stupidest Question

Now this next part I did not see happen, I was not there, and my wife only informed me of this a few days later.  Apparently some of the times when I was out of the room taking care of things, my wife was left by herself (yes I know bad husband, but I can only be in one place at a time).  When by herself she would get a little emotional, and cry a little. This is what I would call normal in this situation.  She saw her baby for less than an hour before her baby was taken from her. She knows her baby is in the NICU, but hasn’t been able to see her and know she is okay on her own terms, not just me saying she’s fine.  Also she has been left alone because she told her husband he does need to eat and to go get some food from the cafeteria.  Crying was going to happen. That’s what is called A NORMAL RANGE OF EMOTION (I’m told this, but I’m not 100% as I’m broken on the inside).

Anyways, during this time when my wife was by herself, apparently a nurse came in to check on her vitals, blood pressure, etc.  Would notice my wife was visibly upset and asked her: “What’s wrong? Why are you crying?”

Are you fucking kidding me?! You are a professional NURSE, you should know things about your patients.  Especially in Labor and Delivery.  You obviously knew my wife was no longer in labor and had already given birth.  You should be aware enough that there is NO BABY IN HER ROOM even without looking at a chart.  HOW DO YOU NOT REALIZE WHY SHE IS CRYING?  The answer is blatantly obvious. Her baby was TAKEN FROM HER.  She had the baby in her belly for 9+ months, and now it’s in the NICU with no clear answer as to if she can/will recover, or what the long term diagnosis is.   GET A FUCKING CLUE!

I realize that she was a nurse, and her job is to make sure the patients are okay.  Maybe my wife was in pain, it’s a valid scenario.  But there are more tactful ways of asking what was wrong.

Free Parking? This isn’t Monopoly!

One of the things I mentioned earlier was I had to take care of parking.  At MHSA parking is not free.  They have gates with ticket dispensers, and you pay per time you spend in the lot, first hour free!  If you sign up for some club thing they have (Woman’s Plus) you can get discounted parking, whether paying for a few hours of time, or buying a day or multi-day pass.  That’s nice, and all, but there are a few problems.

Firstly, they offer day passes in 1, 3 and 7 day passes.  Well, a standard birth with no complications you are out within 72 hours.  So you buy a 3-day pass.   But what if your not sure of how long you will be visiting (like my situation)?  That shouldnt’ be too much of a problem should it?  What?  You have to buy the multi-day passes in advance?  Well how about you go fuck yourself with a traffic cone?

The second issue, if you do buy a multi-day pass, you are supposed to park in a specific garage.  You know, the one on THE OPPOSITE FUCKING END OF THE HOSPITAL OF THE WING YOUR WIFE AND SICK BABY ARE IN!  Fuck you very much.  My feet appreciate it. “Stop being lazy” you say.  Fuck you I say.  Hospital floors suck.  If I had one of those stupid devices that measures how many steps I took, I’m willing to bet it would show you I walked the equivalent of 10 miles a day (According to the internet, average a person walks in a normal day is 3-5 miles a day).

The last issue I have with the parking is just me being cheap.  Why the hell do I have to pay for parking?  It cost me I think about $24 for the 6 days I was there.  Not a large amount of money by parking standards, but still enough to annoy me.  Do you know how much child birth costs through a hospital?  Even with insurance?  If I’m paying them essentially THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS, the least they can do is give me free parking!

Insult to injury.

My wife was moved upstairs to the 2nd floor to the Mother/Baby floor (After a long side trip to the NICU to see her baby and find out what was going on). The way they work is you give birth in the Labor and Delivery area on the 1st floor, then you and your baby get moved up to the 2nd floor.  That is if your baby didn’t get put in the NICU.  If your baby is in the NICU, then YOU get to go to the Mother/Baby floor, without your baby.

So here we are, my wife and I in the Mother/Baby floor without our baby.  And what’s that we hear from the room next to ours?  Is that…yep…it’s a baby crying.  Way to turn the metaphorical knife you stabbed into my wife’s heart MHSA.  Bravo.  Oh, look! There is a mother walking in the hallway pushing her little hospital bassinet with her newborn baby in it! How precious… I was surprised the nurse from earlier didn’t show up to ask why my wife was upset again.

I know they don’t do this on purpose, it’s not meant to upset my wife.  They need to monitor her to make sure she recovers from giving birth, just like all the other mothers on that floor.  I understand that.  But with all the shit that has happened so far, plus the things to come, this was another fun piece of icing on the cake.

The nurses really want to SHOOT my wife.

After we got situated in the room we would be staying in for an unknown amount of time, the nurse came by to introduce herself, check my wife’s vitals/pain level/blood pressure, tell her what the plan for my wife is within reason, and make sure my wife gets her TDAP shot (Tetanus shot, google it). The TDAP shot is one of those “EVERYONE SHOULD HAVE” shots, especially if coming in contact with the baby.

My wife, being awesome, and previously serving as a volunteer firefighter, got her TDAP shot in 2009.  The shot is good for something like 7-10 years (Depending on when you got it). So she’s good and doesn’t need it.  Like she informed her Doctor at the 20+ other checkups we had leading to the birth.

At the hospital, since we were there for 6+ days in total, it’s not surprising that we’d get different nurses with different shift changes.  Honestly we had something like 8 different nurses take care of my wife during her stay on the 2nd floor.

About a day or so after my wife was moved to the 2nd floor, we get a new day nurse (They seemed to have 12 hour shifts).  She came in to check on my wife and introduce herself..and then told my wife we need to get her TDAP shot…

Over the course of our stay a total of 4 nurses brought this up after looking at my wife’s chart, with the same response from my wife: “I already have my TDAP, I got it in 2009, it’s still good.”

Then, on the 5th day (or 6th? it all blurs together), my wife’s new day nurse was checking her vitals, blood pressure, etc.  Then she pulled out a needle with some liquid in it and started getting prepped to give someone a shot.  As I have been in the room 90% of the time a doctor or nurse talked to my wife, I was confused as no one said she was to get a shot at any point.  So I asked the somewhat obvious question: “What’s that shot for?”  Remember at this time I’ve had a very long and stressful week and was not thinking clearly.  The obvious answer of what it was evaded me for a few minutes.  Until the nurse opened her mouth.  “This is her (pointing to my wife) TDAP shot.”

I snapped quicker than a rubber band to the face. I was surprised that I didn’t outright lose my shit and I did not scream, but I did raise my voice and go off on the nurse.  “What the hell?  How many times do we have to tell you all MY WIFE HAS HER TDAP SHOT?!?”  I went on for a few minutes, eventually apologizing to the nurse and explaining myself.  I explained that it wasn’t her fault, but the 4 other nurses before her who seemed to FAIL at writing/noting down anywhere on my wife’s charts that she indeed has the vaccine.

THIS MAY BE THE MOST IMPORTANT POINT EVER MADE BY ME: Multiple nurses were informed my wife had a certain vaccine/medicine administered already.  The nurses failed to note this and attempted to give it to her multiple times.  What if they gave her some other medicine and forgot to notate it?  What if it was vaccine/medicine we didnt’ know anything about? What if they OVERDOSED my wife because of their basic inability to keep accurate notes about the patient their sole job is to take care of? They were within 1 minute of giving my wife a shot she did not need because they failed to do the simplest part of their job.  If it would have been one nurse/doctor, then fine, human error.  But it took me almost ripping the head off the 5th nurse to get the point across?  THE FIFTH NURSE.  Fucking hell.

Let me show you something.

Okay, child birth is amazing, but it wreaks havoc on a woman’s lady parts.  If you aren’t comfortable reading about such things you should move down to the next section.  Or get over yourself because it’s a part of nature and are you some sort of sissy?  My wife having just given birth, had a little tearing of certain things (Specifics not needed) in her lower swimsuit region (HER VAGINA).

The nurses, being great at communicating and taking care of people, as is what you’d expect in their profession, didn’t inform my wife that there was something that would help the healing process until about 18 hours after she gave birth.  It’s called a “Sitz bath.”  A sitz bath is basically a warm water bath thing that fits in your toilet so your lower region can sit in it.  It helps increase blood flow there via black magic, and helps relieve some pain.

Now when I said the nurses waited 18 hours, I mean that the nurse taking care of us the evening after my wife gave birth said something alone the lines of: “Has anyone told you how to use a sitz bath?  No, I’ll make sure to come back and explain it later.”

That’s all fine and dandy. We forget about it, and the next night (24 hours later), the same nurse: “Oh, I forgot to come back, I’ll make sure I show you later, I have to go take care of something else first.”

Repeated again, finally was shown by a different nurse about 4 days after my wife squeezed a human (being my offspring this has not yet been verified as ‘human’) child from her love canal.  Way to help my wife heal medical staff!  Fantastic job!

Let’s make this easier for you…oh, I meant more difficult.

As I mentioned earlier, my wife was placed in a room on the 2nd floor (The Mother/Baby Unit), while our baby was down on the 1st floor (The NICU).  They allowed my wife to breast feed in the NICU (they have screens they set up, and chairs, and all that), and encourage it as breast feeding has been proven to have all kinds of positive side effects for the baby and the mother.

But at the same time, my wife needed to be checked on every now and then by her nurses in her room.  This meant that for the time we were there, my wife and I would have to constantly make our way to an elevator, go downstairs, through some other hallways, just to see and feed the baby.

I’d have to make sure my wife tried to get down to the baby around feeding times, and also try to get her upstairs for when she was supposed to have her checks by the nurses.

This was very inconvenient.  For everyone. One of the nurses apparently did not like this whole being late for when she was supposed to check on my wife, and kindly requested we tell her when we were going to be going down to see our baby, so she’d know where we were.  Seriously. If your patients baby is in the NICU, and your patient isn’t in her room, WHERE THE FUCK DO YOU THINK SHE’D BE?!  Vegas?  Fucking hell.

But seriously who thought this one through.  “Lets make all the mom’s whose babies are having major issues stay on a floor different from their baby. Then they can just walk/wheelchair back and forth all the time, it’s not like they are already exhausted and recovering from something like child birth…”  Morons.

The White Board of LIES!

Each one of the rooms had a white board in it.  The whiteboard had places for the Nurse to put her name, the extension of a cordless phone they carried around so you could call them if you needed something, and other info related to that sort of thing.

That’s great in theory… (you know where this is going).  But it would help if the nurses would actually UPDATE IT!  The nurses would work 12 hours shifts.  So twice a day it should get changed.  Ha ha ha, yeah, I didn’t believe it either.  Over half the time the nurse who was taking care of my wife would not update the whiteboard with her name/extension until 3+ hours into the shift, but there were at least two times I remember of it not being updated AT ALL.

Then we enter the bonus round.  They write a number on there that goes to a cordless phone they carry.  Which I called a few times.  EVERYTIME I got a hold of the nurse (As long as it was updated with the proper number), but it would take the nurse 30-60 minutes to take care of the request.  I know they are busy with other patients, but when my wife is waiting for a new/cleaner gown so she can go see her baby that is being kept in a box, making her wait 60 minutes is like murder.

Then the fun part.  The last day in the hospital we were put in a different room for the last 24 hours of our hospital stay (more on that later), this was a room closer to the NICU, and we were given the number to the nurses taking care of our baby.  I called them for one reason or another at least 4 different times in that last day.   Guess how many times they actually answered.

That’s right.  ZERO.  It turned out the last 12 hours was because the number on the white board, was not the right number for the new nurse.  Fabulous.  This was of course toward the end of our nightmare week at the hospital.  At this point I wasn’t surprised, as this appeared to be the normal situation in the hospital.  SNAFU: Situation Normal, All Fucked Up.

What the hell is going on with my baby?!?!

This was one of the worst parts of our visit.  If it wasn’t for my extreme allergic reaction to prison gang rape, I would have killed some people without a second thought.

As I mentioned above, our baby had some trouble keeping her glucose levels up, and her body temperature normalized.  Because of this our baby was in the NICU, and put into one of those boxes (They’re called incubators).  After the first few days she got her blood sugar under control, they removed an IV they had placed to help maintain it, and she was still kicking ass.  One problem resolved.

Once this problem was resolved, my question to the nurse taking care of our baby in the NICU was simple: “Since the blood sugar problem is resolved, what is the plan to get her out of the box, and eventually to the point where we can take her home.”  Very simple request.  Very logical request.  Basically what the hell is going on with my baby?.

The nurse told me she’d have to check with the nurse practitioner, or charge nurse (Who knew there were different levels of nurses?).  I don’t remember exactly which because this was 2-3 days into a whirlwind of incompetence and retarded actions at MHSA that my brain just didn’t care as I was more worried about my baby, and not who was what position.

After my wife had some more checkups done, we went down to see our baby again, and I asked about my previous inquiry, to which I got a canned sort of answer along the lines of they are waiting for the super nurse or some shit to provide that information.  Frustrated, I informed her to please find out as soon as possible.

Later that evening, after dinner and the NICU’s shift change (They deny access to the NICU for about 2 hours in the morning and evening for their shift change. The reasoning is understandable, no parents allowed as they do not want to talk about your baby in front of other parents, or vise versa. No prob. I’m okay with that.):  The wife and I go to see our baby, and of course there is a new nurse, and it’s late evening time, so I try to pose the same question and get only an update of they want the babies temperature to hit 98.6 before they can start lowering the the heat in the incubator.  The babies temp. for the past few days has been constant between 98 and 98.5.  I’m confused by this, but I’m not a doctor. I figure the nurse is going off what a doctor, or someone in charge wrote in our babies chart.

Each of the nurses gave an answer along the lines of needing to check with someone above them, and that it could be 3-5 days.  This 3-5 days thing was told to us day 1 when the whole thing started.  So 3-5 days since we were first told? 3-5 days since now?  Not very helpful.

I drag my wife from her baby to make sure she gets her rest as well (The whole situation was very stressful for her obviously, and my job was to make sure the baby was fine, and take care of my wife. If this means forcing her upstairs to get a nap, then so be it).  Upstairs, being the end of the 3rd whole day in the hospital, with almost a whole day of no answers, our baby still in a box, and no idea when any of us will get to go home, or if it’ll be at the same time or not.  Will it be another 3-5 days. My wife hit the wall.

It being the end of our 3rd whole day at the hospital, and starting of the 4th, she broke down.  She got very upset. Imagine, your baby is taken from you, is kept where you have difficulty seeing her, you are given no answers on what the fuck is going on, or if your baby will be alright, and keep getting run around answers from the nurses.  Plus the fact that she was physically exhausted, recovering from a basic trauma herself, and also has her hormones and such out of whack because of the whole birth process.  I’m surprised it took her 3 days to crash.  A weaker woman would have lost her shit completely 1-2 days in.

The night nurse came in to check on my wife (They do this periodically, which amazes me since they can’t get other shit right, they at least make sure she’s alive) and saw she was visibly upset.  And that I was angry.  Here is the thing.  You upset my wife, you upset me.  I don’t get upset. I get angry.  That means you upset my wife, you piss me off and will have to deal with me.  This is also on top of all the other retarded shit the hospital had done to this point.  I kind of snapped at the nurse, explaining how the NICU was not giving us any information, and it’s a bunch of bullshit, and I rambled for a bit (As I tend to do when I’m angry).

She calmed us down, told us she would get the Nurse in charge (Charge nurse?) from the NICU up to see us in the morning to answer our questions.  I was skeptical, but it’s all I had to go with.  It helped my wife calm down a bit and get some rest she needed.

The next morning our Doctor comes in. The guy we saw for the 9 months leading up to this fiasco.  He notes my wife does not look happy, nor do I, and asks what’s going on.  We explain it to him, and he is not pleased so he pages the Charge Nurse personally, checks on my wife, and goes on with his day.

The Charge Nurse arrives.  It’s roughly a little before 8 in the morning on our 4th day here.  The Charge Nurse has come to our room upstairs to answer questions.  I use every ounce of strength and will power I have not to tear into her with all my anger.  I am a little snippy with her, and we explain our problem.  Basically a huge lack of communication of what is going on with our baby.

After we explain our problem, the Charge Nurse has a dumbfounded look.  APPARENTLY, as long as the baby is over 98, the incubator temp. can be reduced until it gets to room temperature.  At that point the baby comes out of the incubator and into a regular hospital bassinet.  From there just monitor for maybe 12-24 hours and then she can go home as long as the baby can maintain a 98 or higher that entire time. The Charge Nurse is extremely confused, and very disappointed  with the nurses downstairs (She literally said this to us. A manager type person expressed displeasure with the job the nurses who are in charge of our baby were doing). No where in our babies chart does it say that 98.6 has to be reached first.

The Charge Nurse apologizes for the miscommunication (at this point it seems to be their mission statement), and tells us what she is going to do.  She writes specific orders for our baby. The baby has to maintain a temp. of 98.0 or higher. Check on every feeding, and lower the Incubator temp by a half a degree if it’s good. Note: The incubator temp was in Celsius not Fahrenheit, so the half a degree drop was in Celsius.

It took me asking 2-3 nurses in charge of our baby, a night nurse whose responsibility was just to my wife, and our regular doctor, just to get the Charge Nurse to come up and tell us what the first Goddamned nurse should have been able to tell us or figure out.   It also took almost 24 hours to get this one answer.  Fuck you Methodist Hospital.  FUCK YOU.

To Be Continued…

This is only part 1.  The last day of our Hospital stay, and some other retarded events will be in Part 2.

Also please note: I know this was only our experience at the hospital. You may have had a great time there.  That’s fine.  Personally they have angered me to where I will go out of my way to use a different hospital if at all possible.  So please don’t leave comments telling me how I’m wrong, or how awesome they are.  They weren’t awesome when I was there for a whole fucking week, dealing with more than 30 different employees in that building.


Part 2 of this story is now up, read it HERE


7 Responses to “Methodist Hospital San Antonio (Part 1)”

  1. JoAnn King Says:

    Dear Joel: My name is JoAnn King. I am the director of public relations for Methodist Hospital in San Antonio. I have been in this position for 12 years. One of my responsibilities is to monitor the Internet for posts such as yours. We take your concerns very seriously. I apologize for the frustration you experienced during your wife’s and baby’s stay at our hospital. Please email me directly with your contact information so that we can address these issues in an effective manner with the appropriate staff. We do care what you have to say and how you feel about the care provided in our hospital. Sincerely, JoAnn King

  2. Methodist Hospital (Part 2) | Says:

    […] This is the continuation of this post: Methodist Hospital (Part 1) […]

  3. Howard Coleman Says:

    Hey Joel, sounds like time to consider a different hospital for any additional births. I’m a close friend of your father. The problems you wrote about did remind me when my 2nd son was born seven weeks premature. I went through the NCIU experience but your story makes my experience of making decision with the doctors about my son while keeping my wife in the loop to the most part, a piece of cake. Hope this all turns out and you get your wife and child home..

  4. LJ Says:

    Dude, that is AWFUL. I know exactly where you’re coming from. But at least you got to scream at some people. I was in the military when I had my baby at one of the jokes called a military hospital. I couldn’t yell at anyone, or I’d get smacked down hard for yelling at ‘superiors.’

    And they didn’t tell me things like, oh, if my son’s signs or symptoms or whatever didn’t improve, they’d medevac him that evening to the nearest major hospital, 300 miles away.

    I learned about it while I was having dinner. From my shift supervisor. Who had learned it from his shop chief. Who had learned it from his section chief. Who had learned it from the first shirt. Who learned it from the commander. Yep–they’d gone through my chain of command to tell me that my baby was that sick, but they couldn’t walk down the frickin’ hall 30 feet and tell me.

    This was after they refused to do a Caesarean, even though a check when my water broke informed them of a condition my child had that KILLS 30% of children who contract it during childbirth. But they let him stew in that for SIX MORE HOURS, rather than do a C-section. Because they’d already done a C-section that day, and heaven forbid they do one to SAVE MY CHILD’S LIFE.

    But at least I didn’t have to pay for parking.

  5. Fp Says:

    Omg that’s horriblemy lil cousin just had her soon there and on e of the girls checking on her was literally eating candy while checking her vitals how totally unprofessional . I highly recommend the southwest general hospital birth center and u don’t have to pay for parking 🙂

  6. TCD Says:

    I had to laugh when I saw the Methodist RP (reputation police) responded. Great job, meth. Way to get in there attempting to clean up your mess. Too little too late. What would help is change, not apologies.

    Unfortunately I know wayyyyyy too many people who have had a ridiculously archaic, disorganized experience there. Honestly, I would even question their NICU reasoning. Doesn’t it make better sense for the baby to be in moms arms to warm up vs artificial heated box? And low blood sugar? So feed the baby vs IV?

    One thing is for sure: meth puts on this huge “we are getting more evidence based practice standards” when really it’s a marketing ploy, because what they DO are the most profitable decisions in care – not the most logical (unless you’re a businessman.)

    I’m sorry you went thru this BS. Next time, do a birth center. They are waaaay more likely to do what is best for your family, even if you’re rich or have a great insurance plan they can rape the hell out of if they wanted. :-/

  7. Larry Says:

    I am trying to sign up for that darn baby classes thing, my wife is due there in February and I had a nice laugh at your expense… I hope to hell my experience isn’t as nuts as yours was but I have already tried contacting them to “pre-pay” and every time I call it’s a different person and an “I’m not sure blah-blah-blah BS” – too bad my Doc uses this place, but Baptist next door ain’t much better, my dad died in their capable care in 2006…