Parenting Fail – Jungle Gyms Sold Seperately

14 Oct 2011
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I hate the public.  The people. The places.  The percentage of idiots is just astounding.  Alas, I still need to go to public places.  Stores, restaurants, so on and so forth.  Yes I could cut a lot of that out by other means, but I’m lazy and am not going to cook every meal I eat, or grow my own food.

Recently while I was out enjoying a very high quality expensive dinner with my family (read: I was at Denny’s), I was able to witness great, and horrible parenting within the same meal.  It was amazing. 

When my family was seated, we were seated in a standard booth along one of the walls.  The corners of these walls had those huge booths for large groups (like 6+ people).  One of the large booths was empty, the other had what I guess was either 2 mothers, or a mom and her mom, and 3-4 kids ranging from a few years to under 10.

These two ladies, are most likely horrible parents.  I can make this judgement out of what I saw.  Remember when I said one of the large booths was empty? That was the case for 5 minutes…till a little boy (6-10 years old) wondered away from his mom/grandma? to the other side of the room, where this empty booth was.  While he was doing that, a little girl, maybe age 4, CLIMBED on top of the back part of the booth they were in. This while another girl (age 6-8?) was standing on her seat and not being very quiet about it.

Three kids, climbing, being loud, and using Denny’s like a playground.  So what did the woman at the table do about this?


They sat there chatting with each other.  Completely ignoring the children.  Not even glancing at the boy who went off to a different side of the room.  Not even thinking to stop the little girl from climbing up where she could easily fall.  They just continued their conversation.  This is why they are bad parents (grandparents?).

Yes it is a Denny’s. Yes it is not fancy. Yes kids are kids. But a restaurant is NOT a playground. The waitress in our section seemed very new, and probably didn’t know how to approach the two women about their misbehaving kid.

I secretly hoped that the little girl would slip face first onto the table into the glassware and utensils.  I would have had a great time explaining to the paramedics/ambulance how they should get a hold of Child Protective Services because the accident was negligence on the parents part.  It’s the only way the parent would possibly learn to not be such a self centered tool.

Make no mistake, I don’t want to see any kid get hurt.  The kid should know better not to climb on things, but from what I saw, this probably wasn’t the first, or last time she would be climbing on something she shouldn’t.  The fault lies in the parent.  Kids have to be taught to behave, it’s not something they just magically know. You explain to your kid not to do things. And you enforce your rules.  Timeouts. Spankings. Whatever. Just be a parent, not an oblivious jerk.

10-20 minutes later that table did get up to leave…that is when the parent told the kid to get down from where she was.  So the message sent to the kid is “It’s okay to climb/play until it’s time to go.”

About 5 minutes later, the previously (mostly) empty booth had a family sat at it.  It was the booth right behind where me and my family was sitting.  It might have been two families (Family friends?).  There was a very young girl (3-4?), a teenage looking boy and girl, and an 8-11 year old boy.

I could not help but overhear some of their conversation.  The parents were ACTIVELY ENGAGING IN CONVERSATION WITH THE CHILDREN!  Even the little girl.  Asking questions like how their day was, how things were going.  The parents even knew the name(s) of some of the friends of their children, and asked questions about that.

It was amazing.  The kids were well behaved.  The parents actually cared.  I was baffled.  I’m used to seeing the first set of kids I saw (the climbers).  But well behaved children!?  FANTASTIC!

My point:

Seriously, imagine you had a friend come over to your house to visit.  And lets pretend that friend has a young kid (5-10 years old).  Now imagine if that kid started climbing all over your couch, chairs, and your coffee table.  And your friend completely ignored it.  What would you do?  Tell them to stop? Ask your friend to tell them to stop?  But why?

Is it because you don’t want your things  broken/ruined?  Maybe you don’t want to have the possibility of being sued for the kid hurting themselves on your property?  THEN WHY THE FUCK DO YOU LET YOUR BASTARD KIDS DO IT IN PUBLIC PLACES?!?!

Walmart is not a playground.

The restaurant is not a jungle gym.

And yes I will actively try to trip your kid whose running in a store/restaurant.  Hopefully it’ll teach them and you a life lesson.


One Response to “Parenting Fail – Jungle Gyms Sold Seperately”

  1. Viktor van der Dekken Says:

    The obvious answer to why the parent/grandparent didn’t do anything is: To teach good behaviour, you have to know what it is (and isn’t) and have some good behiviour yourself (does “lead by example” bring anything to mind?)
    Just be glad you do not work in retail. You would be frustrated, angry, Highly Pissed at many of the actions and attitudes you would encounter from behind the counter.
    Whiney kids, whiney parents who try to “reason” with a trantrum throwing three year old, disrectfull talk and tone from both chaild to parent and parent to child. For further details, talk to any of your freinds who actively work in retail, walmart clerk, waitresses/waiters at your favorite eat joint, the guy behind the counter at your primo bookstore. You may not belive what you hear, but it is mostly true and accurate.
    By the way, Parents do not “reason” with three year olds = Parents are Parents. Parents set guidelines of what is and is not acceptable. Unacceptable actions are punished.
    If the above makes Viktor an old geezer, so be it!