Walmart – Subtle Racism

09 Jul 2011
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Within what I would call a reasonable driving distance, I have two options for groceries. One of them being Walmart.  Walmart is full of some ugly, smelly, stupid people, and their customers are worse than than!

On a recent trip to Walmart I was able to spot this great piece of subtle racism. 


Racist Walmart

It’s not easy to make out, but that’s one of those ‘heat lamp’ powered things that they put all kinds of chicken (ESPECIALLY FRIED CHICKEN) out so people can use their impulse buying skills to get a quick crappy dinner.

But do you see what is floating above that Fried Chicken dispensing display?!?  That’s right! A WATERMELON BALLOON!

Walmart is being very subtle here…but to me that’s racist.  I mean everyone knows that Asian people do not like watermelon that much, but do like chicken!  Why are they mixing up their stereotypes?!  Everyone know’s it’s the Vegetarians that like fruit (even though they are vegetarian, they still eat fruits…it’s very odd).

Wait…what?  You mean to tell me that the stereotype is black people like BOTH fried chicken, AND watermelon? Well shit that makes that picture every funnier!!  Way to go Walmart!

I’m not saying that’s what their intention truly is…but seriously?

Also please note: I’m not saying that the stereotypes mentioned above are true, or that I believe them.  I’m just going off things I learned by being raised on TV/Video Games instead of good old wholesome family values…wait…nope, both of those things are stereotypes too.

Screw it. I was making a joke. If you find it offensive that’s your problem. I’m white and I like both fried chicken and watermelon, just not mixed together.  Unless we can come up with a watermelon flavored chicken…mmmmm juicy.

2 Responses to “Walmart – Subtle Racism”

  1. Viktor van der Dekken Says:

    Better would be a chicken-flavored watermelon. Image the hot sauce opportunities for enhancing the taste
    Not to be hoped-for is a steak-flavored tufu.

  2. Vinsane Says:

    Where’s the grape kool-aid?