The Worst McDonald’s In The World!

28 May 2011
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I’m a fat ass American who does enjoy to have a quick and cheap meal at McDonald’s.  Unfortunately there is a McDonald’s near me that has given me some of the WORST SERVICE I have ever received from any company. I will share some of my stories, including two recent ones that take the cake.

The first incident I’ve had there was when they forgot to add cheese to my girlfriends burger.  When going back through the drive thru they handed me a small McNuggets box with a slice of cheese in it.  This story is covered in full detail at The Consumerist back in 2006: “McDonald’s Re-Gifts A Burger

Now unfortunately where I live, this is the closest McDonald’s, so I suck it up and just deal with it, as usually it’s not that bad.  Mainly things like mixed up orders, or forgetting like 1 item.  No biggie, easily corrected, and to be expected during busy times.

The past 2 days I went through there twice, both experiences make me want to burn the place down to the ground and stab each one of those stupid morons repeatedly in the face until the streets run red with the blood of the innocent and damned alike!

Back story: My clunker died, I had to go car shopping, so due to the time and effort in that I decided a quick breakfast yesterday, and a quick dinner tonight was called for.  Lets start with yesterday.

So my wife (the ‘girlfriend’ from the box of cheese story) and I were going deep into San Antonio TX yesterday to go look at a used car I was highly interested in.  Wanting to get there we decided to grab a quick bite to eat during the drive into town.  We pulled up, placed our order, and payed for it at the first window no problem.

The order:

  • Egg McMuffin Meal (meaning it comes with a hash brown and drink)with a Large Coke to drink (Egg McMuffin is the English muffin with egg, cheese and ham on it for those who do not know) \
  • Sausage Biscuit (It’s a biscuit, with a sausage patty)
  • Hasbrown
  • Fruit and Yogurt Parfait

So I pull up to the second window to get my food.  The idiot with no future hands me a Fruit and Yogurt parfait in a small bag, and a large Coke.  I thank her and ask where the rest of my order is.  She gave me a look that was like a guy who just found out the strippers name is really ‘Steve.’  Utter bewilderment and confusion on what to do.

I tell her what my order was, and so I was handed another small bag, containing what appears to be my Egg McMuffin.  So again I repeat myself in a slow calm tone as not to confuse her anymore. I still need certain items to my order.

She goes away again, and returns with a THIRD small bag, containing a Sausage Biscuit and ONE hash brown.

At this point it has taken damn near 5 minutes for them to hand a paid for order out the second window to me properly.  I have to wait about 30 seconds between little bag to get the twats attention.  SO she finally notices I’m still sitting there and opens the window so I can tell her she is still ONE hash brown short.  ONE PLUS ONE = TWO.

FINALLY, after 5+ minutes, I have my order and hit the road.  As I am driving into town, I go to eat my sandwich.  IT’S A GOD DAMNED FUCKING SAUSAGE MCMUFFIN!!! Difference being it has a sausage patty instead of a slice of Ham on the sandwich.  Not a big thing, but after all the fucking hoops I jumped through…If I didn’t have shit to do I would have turned around and crashed my wife’s car straight into the building on top of that woman’s head!

Went about my business, bought my used car I wanted (heheh…vrooooooooooooom), and now it’s today.

Today we pulled up to the drive thru, and decided to get something they had advertised on the big sign/menu board thing:


McDonald's Menu


It states you can get 20 Chicken McNuggets for $4.99, OR, for $9.99 you can get the 20 McNuggets, and 2 medium drinks, and 2 medium fries.  That’s what we decided to order.

The dumbass with the headset (the guy taking our order), has NO CLUE what we are talking about.  He fumbles around, trying to tell us the only deal like that is with 50pc nuggets, and we try to tell him it’s right here on the sign, and get so frustrated taking the order, that I took a picture of the menu board with my phone, so I could pull up to the first window to show him exactly what I’m talking about.

I show him and try to explain it to him and he tells me to go to the second window to talk with the manager, as he is either too stupid, or just doesn’t care to deal with it.

I pull up to the second window, and some pimple faced loser starts to hand me a bag. This leads to him being confused, and me having to state that it’s not my order, and the manager is supposed to come talk to me.  He steps aside and this cunt of a woman shows up at the window.

I explain I am just trying to order what is advertised on their sign, it is what I want, and try to show her the picture of their damned sign. She goes off to one of the inside registers, that is right under one of those hanging promo signs ADVERTISING THE EXACT DAMN THING I AM TRYING TO ORDER, and ignores it to punch things at the register.  She comes back and there are all sorts of confusing words back and forth and her telling me that the deal is actually for 2 large fries and 2 large cokes.  WHAT THE HELL KIND OF UNIVERSE DID I FALL INTO!?!

I have to explain to here I don’t care if they are large or medium, I just want 20 McNuggets, 2 fries, and 2 drinks, how fucking hard is it to get this across that I want to order something you advertise for sale? So after all of this, I am able to get my order straight, and then shit gets more surreal.

The manager asks what, if any sauce, we would like with our nuggets. A standard question.  Well on the big ordering board that I took a picture of early, right next to the McNugget deal, they had this other sign: “NEW DIPPING SAUCES!”  Including a Honey Mustard, Ranch, and Sweet Chili Sauce.

Sweet Chili Sauce sounded good to my wife, so she told me, and I told the manager that we’d like some sweet chili sauce.

Cunthole manager then says: “I’m sorry, we don’t have those in yet.”

It took every ounce of my McStrength to not get up out of my car, crawl in through that McWindow, and McChoke that Mcbitch with some McNuggets.  Why the hell would you put a sign up for some NEW product that YOU DON’T EVEN HAVE. At least slap a ‘Coming soon’ sticker?  I wonder how many times a day the poor worker drones have to tell customers that they don’t have those sauces in yet because some high on their horse manager put up the marketing before they even have the product in stock.

So everyone knows, here is the location of this McDonald’s.  Please avoid it for your own McSanity.

2 Responses to “The Worst McDonald’s In The World!”

  1. Viktor van der Dekken Says:

    Give up on McShit.
    . Try Arby’s Burger King, Bob’s Big Boy (if they are still around), Wendy’s, Dick’s Drive-in, XXX Root beer & burgers (doesn’t help you, Puget Sound area).
    Did you see where Obama was going into spasims of ectstasy because McD had a nation-wide hiring fair and employed thousands of low pay burger flipers and order confusers? More screwed up orders to come.
    I’ll have it My Way at Burger King.

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