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26 Aug 2011
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Recently I was dining with some family at a restaurant of their choosing. It was a decent enough Chinese (Asain?) cuisine type establishment.  Friendly wait staff, decent decorations, and a pleasant atmosphere.  Everything was good, until they brought us our drinks.

Some of our party decided to enjoy some cold sugary beverages known as ‘Soft Drinks.’  AKA: Soda, Pop, Cola, Fizzy-Bubbly-Crap, Sugar Water, Rust Remover, Carbonated Water with a mixture of various chemicals and sugars.  Also Also Known As: Pepsi, Coke, Sprite, Dr. Pepper, Fanta, Barqs, 7up, Coca-Cola.

It’s not unreasonable to want a fresh, cool, bubbly glass of sugar water with ones sweet and sour chicken cat. But what was brought to the table were some glasses of ice, and some CANS of soda.  CANS. Aluminum.

What the hell.  You spend all this money investing in a location, and starting a business, but can’t be bothered to get a soda fountain? (It’s one of those things you see at McDonalds that dispenses Soda. Durrr).

If I wanted a can of soda I would have ordered some take out and just stayed at home.  I honestly find it insulting to be paying a proper price for semi-authentic Chinese food, yet have to pay up about $1.50 for you to bring me a can of soda?!  And some places even have the audacity to CHARGE for refills!?!?  Fuck that.

I understand having a Soda Fountain is not cheap, and maybe you can’t afford it which is understandable.  The economy can be a bitch. I get that.  But the least you could do is buy some of the big 2 Liter bottles, keep them in back, and just pour the soda before bringing it out.  Then your customers wouldn’t have a clue where it came from and would just assume it was from a fountain.

The water and iced tea you serve you have in those pitchers and bring from the back, for all I know the Iced Tea is coming from a magical ancient Chinese sweet-tea making dragon blessed by some monks from some dynasty. (ie Walmart).

I understand if you have cans for to-go orders. I understand if you are some sort of diner type place that serves just some plain sandwiches or cheap bbq.  But if your dinner plates are $10 and up for some authentic Chinese food, then bring a damned glass of soda and not the can.

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  1. Viktor van der Dekken Says:

    It is cost accounting. You can count how many cans are in the chill box and balance that against waiter tickets: bought 24 cans from the wholesale house, meal tickets (or whatever you want to call the order pad the waitperson uses to write or order on) say 10 cans of bubble-pop have been ordered by the victums, ah – make that customers, so the better be 14 cans remaining in the cooler. Or else heads will roll. With a fountain, assessing how many drinks were bought and paid for and how much “wastage” (staff theft) occurred is a lot harder. C0onsidering that eat joint about break even on food and make their “profit” from drinks sold (sodas, tea, coffee etc) it is understandable that they want to keep track of money made/lost on the drinks served.
    I do agree that if you order soda, they should have opened the can out of your sight, poured it over the ice (into a glass, mug, stein, pitcher, etc big enough to hold the 12 ounces soda and ice) and served the glass to you.
    Ever wonder why you never see any cats or dogs within six blocks of a McDonalds in Japan, Hong Kong, or Singapoire? I have.
    BTW, you need a new oriental place to eat. Mori Bistro (honest it is a chinese joint)across the street will fix you up with Kung Pao Chicken, or beef for $6.95 and they have a fountain. Himatsu (a japanese joint) on the hill will do Kung Pao pork, beef or chicken for $8.50. Swanky “Got Rice?” (I am not making this up), being more upscale, charges $11 for Kung Pao, but you also get tea and fortune cookie as part of the package, with 8 you get egg roll.