Samsung Transform Android 2.2 – Make Sprint Your Bitch **UPDATED**

20 Jan 2011
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*UPDATE: Sprint has released the Android 2.2 Update for the Samsung Transform.  This information is no longer valid*


Those of you who don’t care about Sprint, Android, or the Samsung Transform, should probably skip this article and go read one of my other quality posts on this site.  For the rest of you, boy do I have some good news.

So, back in October 2010 I got a Samsung Transform from Sprint.  It comes with Android 2.1 on it, and Sprint released all kinds of announcements at it’s release basically promising to have an Android 2.2 update available by the end of 2010.  As you may notice, this is being written on January 20th 2011.  Three weeks past the end of 2010.  There is still no Android 2.2 update.

That sucks.  Fuck you Samsung, Fuck you Sprint.  There are theories behind why it’s not available, and the Sprint service monkeys are basically retarded and won’t give you any helpful information besides ‘you’ll be sent a message when an update is available.’

But rejoice!! Now is the time to make Sprint your bitch!  This is what I have just done, it’s not the greatest, but it will make you feel a little better.

Here is what I did:

  • Logged into My Account on Sprint’s website.
  • Opened a chat with their customer service monkeys.
  • Explained how I bought the phone with the understanding that Sprint would update it to 2.2 by end of 2010
  • Explained how it is now 20 days into 2011 and asked where the update was.
  • waited for the monkey to give me no useful information besides it isn’t available yet.
  • Demanded to be credited $5/month
  • Was given a counter offer of $5 credit this month

I accepted the $5 credit for this month, as this is the first month without the update.

Next month, if there is no Update, I’ll do the exact same thing.

Some fun facts:

  • My Sprint bill is only $40/month because Sprint is my bitch, so $5 off is 12.5% of my bill, this is why I didn’t ask for more.
  • You can easily ask for more, but your results may vary.
  • You can ask for a percentage off. Example: Demand a 10% credit.
  • If they are not willing to give you a credit, ask to speak to a supervisor.
  • If they never release the update, there is a chance you could get the credit every month you own the phone. (for me that would be $120 saved over a 2-year plan)

Good luck.

ALSO, if this works for you, and saves you some money, you can return the favor by sharing this site with your friends so they can save money too!.


Nick posted a comment about Sprint saying they never promised the update.  Well Sprint, did you happen to see this:

Seventh paragraph down says the following:

“Equipped with the Android 2.1 operating system (but scheduled for an upgrade to 2.2 later this year),..”

That’s from their October 6th 2010 press release.

28 Responses to “Samsung Transform Android 2.2 – Make Sprint Your Bitch **UPDATED**”

  1. Ryan Sogata Says:

    I googled samsung transform 2.2 update since there was no update. I clicked your blog and read what u said =)

    got 3 transform and 1 epic on my account. I contacted sprint and bitched like you said. I got 20$ credit.

    Thanks a lot =)without your blog I wouldn’t get this $$

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  3. kevin urubek Says:

    Going on 1 1/2 sprint no luck even told them ,I wall going to cancel service,the only thing they said is early termination fee of $200.00,I know what I was told by sprint ,google and samsung,customer service sucks.

  4. Janaya Says:

    Thank you so much I got a 10 buck credit as well.

  5. Kmill Says:

    just got off chat with Sprint and got a $10.00 credit. Good tip!

  6. Tom Says:

    I’ve emailed Sprint twice about the upgrade. All they are saying is this:Also the device Samsung Transform with 2.2 software is not available to
    our customers, I am unable provide the details you requested. If Sprint
    offers it in the future, you will find product and pricing details on and in promotional information at our retail stores. We
    encourage you to watch news reports or monitor our web site to see if a
    change in availability occurs. I have emailed them a 3rd time, if i get the runaround again i’m going to ask for a Higher Up to assist. I bought the phone because it was in my price range & the no $10 additional fee. I like others were mis-led on this phone. I’ll post the next comment when i get a reply.


  7. Tom Says:

    Here is Sprints reply:Unfortunately, there is no date scheduled for the release of Froyo
    Android 2.2 operating system (OS) for the Samsung Transform phone.
    Sprint works closely with our manufacturing partners to deliver the best
    possible customer experience. We approve the release of software
    updates when a new software version provided by the manufacturer can
    bring a better overall customer experience on the device. We bring
    software updates to our customers as quickly as possible but only after
    they meet our rigorous testing criteria. It is will be posted on whenever it is released. I am sorry for the further
    inconvenience caused.

    Thank you again for contacting us.

    Ronald L

    I ask for a service credit & a Supervisor to be involved.


  8. Chanelle Says:

    ***no luck here getting a credit…see conversation below:***

    10:47:35 AM : Me : Initial Question/Comment: When I purchased my 2 Samsung Transforms in November, I was promised by Sprint there would be an Android 2.2 update before the end of 2010. We are now 26 days into 2011 and still no update. What are you doing about this?

    10:53:41 AM : Harvey C: I have checked the updated we are working on the updates on the Samsung Transform and it will be updated soon on our website

    10:53:56 AM : Harvey C: Be assured it will be released soon.

    10:54:12 AM : Me : I think it is only right my bill be discounted for this month

    10:54:35 AM : Me : we have been misled.

    10:54:51 AM : Harvey C: Sprint is working with the manufacturer for this upgrade on Samsung Transform.

    10:55:24 AM : Harvey C: I understand your concern and apologize for the delay of the release of the updates.

    10:55:54 AM : Me : I think it is only right my bill be discounted for this month

    10:59:00 AM : Me : You have not kept your promise and I should be compensated for that. The only reason I chose this phone over others was because I was reassured by many of your reps that the update would be available before the end of 2010. Now I am stuck with this phone.

    10:59:38 AM : Harvey C: I understand your concern, but it is not possible for me to provide any credit for this. Be assured the updates will be released soon.

    10:59:53 AM : Me : Why can you not issue a credit?

    11:00:24 AM : Me : Why is it that I have to pay my bill every month to uphold my end of our contract yet, you do not keep your promises!!!! This is unacceptable!

    11:01:22 AM : Harvey C: I am not authorized to provide credit.

    11:01:45 AM : Me : who then is authorized to proved this credit??? I would like to speak with that person!!!

    11:02:23 AM : Me : **provide

    11:02:44 AM : Harvey C: I understand your frustration but it is not possible to apply credit for this.

    11:03:07 AM : Me : Many other Transform owners have received this credit. Why then am I being denied??

    11:05:20 AM : Harvey C: I am sorry, it is not possible for me to apply credit for this. I apologize for the inconvenience.

    11:06:31 AM : Me : This shows a lot about Sprint. Since the beginning it seems your customer support is useless.

    11:06:44 AM : Me : You do not care about keeping promises to your customers.

    11:06:51 AM : Me : Not a good way to conduct business.

    11:07:18 AM : Me : I regret the day I ever signed your contract.

    11:08:01 AM : Harvey C: I understand your concern, but I am not authorized to provide the credit updates will be released soon and you can check it on our website

    11:08:50 AM : Me : Yet another useless conversation with a Sprint rep.

    11:09:36 AM : Me : You have been of no assistance today.

    11:10:21 AM : Harvey C: There is an information that it will be released soon. I would request you to allow us some time for this.

    11:10:48 AM : Me : I have allowed you 2 months!!!!

    11:11:14 AM : Me : And now I am STUCK in your contract with a phone that does not operate the way I was promised it would

    11:11:45 AM : Me : Since you are not holding your end of the bargain, does that mean I can leave this contract without an early termination fee???

    11:14:22 AM : Harvey C: There is an early termination fee for terminating the contract and for this you can contact Account services at 888-211-4727. They will assist you with this.

    11:15:08 AM : Me : I have never felt such buyer’s remorse in my life!!!

  9. Joel The Great Says:

    Sometimes it depends on who you speak with. I’d try again, and if they say they cannot give you credit ask to speak to a supervisor. Make sure to try to remain calm and polite as it usually helps the process.

  10. Sinner Says:

    It sounds like ‘Harvey’ was an automated script.

  11. Chuck Says:

    Hey, your suggestion was awesome. I called them, pleaded my case, and got $129 taken off my bill. (That’s my entire monthly bill)

  12. Joel The Great Says:

    That’s awesome!! As a thanks, you could make sure you share this via facebook/twitter/email, just get the word out!

  13. Tom Says:

    I’ve complained to Spint CS, Supervisor & got Executive Services involved. I can return my phone to BB with Sprint’s assistance. I’m sure i have to pay a restocking fee & activation fee and i was also told $10 for the new fees for Android phones. This was Executive Services offer. No monthly credit was offered. I’d do it but i have to pay for new phone & the $10 a month. Not what i want to do. Guess i’ll have to wait a while & see what other phones come out. I jumped on this Transform too soon, i had better judgement but did it anyway. I regret it.

  14. Joel The Great Says:

    I don’t know all the details, but I offer these bits of advice:
    1 – Go through the Sprint Chat, it has greater results as it gives you time to form your response.
    2 – Be polite. If you are ever rude, it won’t get you to where you want.
    3 – Ask for a service credit of your current bill. They will not offer you a month to month. You need to ask for this month, then ask again next month if there is no update by then.
    4 – If the service rep isn’t able to do that, thank them for there time and then try again in a minute or so until you get a rep willing to help you.

  15. Joe Says:

    Thank you so much for the advice Joel. I tried the chat situation as well. It actually worked!

    However, I do find it troubling that the Sprint Rep. George A. “assures” me that the technical team is working on the 2.2 update & that the release would be very soon. I didn’t bother asking what, “very soon” means since it most likely would not come true anyways. I was provided a link which he claims that I can see the updates (

    So I quickly went to that link & this is where I begin to feel uneasy. At 1st glance I noticed that the Samsung Transform isn’t even listed in any of the categories.

    *side bar* Reviewing the site once again after I was done with the chat I see that it say’s, “Download the latest connectivity solutions and synchronization tools to your personal computer for your Mobile Broadband Device, smartphone, or phone.” Why he suggested I go there to find updates to the Samsung Transform is beyond me.

    I asked George what happens if the link he provided does not list my Samsung Transform device? George A. responds with that he is assuring me that they are working for the 2.2 update for their smart phones. He didn’t even bother to address the missing Samsung Transform device.

    So then I started in with asking for a credit of somekind since it is now Feb. 2011 & there’s been no update. A minute goes by & George replies, “our technical team are working on it and before launching any updates, we will update it on our website”

    I’m irritated that my question wasn’t even addressed with that response. I thanked for the “technical team information” reply but I will repost my question. It took 3 minutes after I reposted my question to see a reply asking me what type of credit would I like.

    I decided to ask for the 10% discount. He replied that I’ll be getting a $10 discount. I’m not a math guru but a 10% discount is less then a $10 discount so I’m not complaining.

    Thank you so much for your information & tip! I really do hope we get this 2.2 update to our phone’s. It seems like a bait & switch approach to advertise getting updates & yet there’s a long delay in getting the updates or none at all.

  16. Bill Blakeley Says:

    Samsung Transform Android 2.2 Upgrade – My way!
    Just another frustrated Samsung Tranform owner who finally snapped and came up with simple path to Froyo.

    Bought a HTC EVO 4G on EBay for $261 and sold my Transform for $151. Ok maybe $110 is a lot to pay for the upgrade, but this EVO makes that Transform look like 2 tin cans and a string!

  17. Nick Says:

    I chatted with a Sprint rep yesterday and brought up the fact that we were promised the 2.2 upgrade by the end of 2010. He told me that Sprint never promised anything, and that I was free to search their press releases for the article. Otherwise, there would be no credit.

    If has a link to the original statement by Sprint that 2.2 would be coming by the end of 2010, please post it. I don’t like being lied to by the Sprint reps.

  18. Joel The Great Says:

    Hey Nick, Thanks for that post as I should have probably put that in my article to begin with! I have updated the article with a link to the press release. Seven paragraphs in is where it says it was scheduled to get the update.

    Good luck!

  19. Andrew Says:

    I called Sprint and I have 2 phones on my account and I did what the article suggested to do and I got a $50.00 credit, $25.00 for each phone. So thank you. PS they still dont have a date for 2.2 release….

  20. Andrew Says:

    5:02:08 PM : Connected to

    5:02:08 PM : Session ID: 2208035

    5:02:08 PM : ANdrew Heard: Initial Question/Comment: Questions about my phone

    5:02:18 PM : You are next in queue…

    5:02:18 PM : Please wait and the next available account specialist will be with you shortly.

    5:02:28 PM : Shanelle S. has joined this session!

    5:02:28 PM : Connected with Shanelle S.. Your Reference Number for this chat session is 2208035.

    5:02:28 PM : Thank you for contacting Sprint. My name is Shanelle S..

    5:02:33 PM : Shanelle S.: Can you please provide more details about why you’re chatting with us today?

    5:03:33 PM : ANdrew Heard: I have questions about when my phone will get the andriod 2.2 update… I bought this phone under the guidance of a Sprint Representative who promised me that my phone would be updated with 2.2 before the end of the year. It is now february

    5:03:55 PM : ANdrew Heard: No one at Sprint is saying anything.

    5:04:28 PM : Shanelle S.: I understand your frustration and apologize for the inconvenience. Please give me a moment while I research your issue.

    5:05:38 PM : Shanelle S.: Let me know the model of your phone

    5:05:51 PM : ANdrew Heard: Transform

    5:05:58 PM : Shanelle S.: Let me check

    5:07:48 PM : Shanelle S.: Thank you for your time

    5:08:28 PM : Shanelle S.: I am really sorry for the wrong information and there is no update of android 2.0, once it will be available you will be informed via

    5:09:28 PM : ANdrew Heard: My phone is slow and every time I take the phone into the sprint store I am told there is nothing that they can do and to wait for the 2.2 release. I am a brand new customer and this is not making me vary happy. You lock me into an account and then you do not provide me with a good phone or accurate service information. What is Sprint going to do to make me happy again?

    5:10:42 PM : Shanelle S.: I am really sorry and please be assured it will be available soon

    5:10:59 PM : ANdrew Heard: Ok so what do I do in the meantime live with your crappy phone

    5:11:38 PM : ANdrew Heard: Sorry does not make my phone work properly.

    5:11:43 PM : ANdrew Heard: I am really frustrated

    5:12:06 PM : ANdrew Heard: and I want somthing done or I am canceling my account and I am not paying a cancelation fee

    5:12:38 PM : Shanelle S.: Please hold a moment while I access your account.

    5:13:02 PM : ANdrew Heard: I was willing to buy a more expesive phone but I was assured by your In Store rep that these phones were going to be everything that I would need

    5:14:58 PM : Shanelle S.: It takes time for the operating system to be updated, and our technician team are working on it and please be assured it will be updated soon

    5:15:22 PM : ANdrew Heard: Days, Months or Years?

    5:15:41 PM : ANdrew Heard: So again I ask what is sprint going to do in the meantime to make me happy again?

    5:15:50 PM : ANdrew Heard: And a sorry does not cut it.

    5:16:32 PM : Shanelle S.: Ok, I can apply the credit of $25.00 as you have faced the lot of problems

    5:16:59 PM : ANdrew Heard: 25.00 really…. what about a discount on getting a different phone

    5:17:51 PM : ANdrew Heard: the 25.00 does nothing to fix my phone not working

    5:17:53 PM : Shanelle S.: Let me know the number on which you are facing the problem

    5:18:07 PM : ANdrew Heard: on both my phones

    5:18:13 PM : ANdrew Heard: same issues

    5:18:36 PM : Shanelle S.: Let me check

    5:18:55 PM : ANdrew Heard: slow, glitchy touch screen, and keyboard keys getting stuck or going to other applications on the phone. I have to reboot my phone about 45 times a day

    5:19:16 PM : ANdrew Heard: I am not able to run any apps on the phone as it is to slow to handle the apps

    5:20:07 PM : Shanelle S.: One moment please.

    5:20:34 PM : ANdrew Heard: Gps maps take forever to populate…the phone over all is just slow

    5:21:13 PM : Shanelle S.: I understand and I can apply the credit of $25.00 only

    5:23:18 PM : Shanelle S.: If you wish the new phone, you need to purchase it at the regular price of the phone

    5:23:54 PM : ANdrew Heard: Thats crappy because the service is great the phone is what is giving me issues

    5:24:16 PM : ANdrew Heard: Is that all you can do, really ?

    5:24:38 PM : Shanelle S.: If you wish you can contact Account Services at 1-888-211-4727 and they might offer the phone at the discounted price

    5:25:01 PM : ANdrew Heard: Ok can you please apply this credit and I will call them as well.

    5:25:28 PM : Shanelle S.: Sure, let me apply the credit of $25.00

    5:26:46 PM : ANdrew Heard: Do you want me to stay on the chat while you apply this…or can I get off and call

    5:27:13 PM : Shanelle S.: I would like you to wait so that I can tell you the updated balance

    5:29:26 PM : ANdrew Heard: ok

  21. Jay Says:

    I was polite like the article said to be and I got a big discount on my monthly bill!! So those of you being rude might want to change your tune!! 😀

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    […] was trying to make a point lately about Sprint and some lies they told some customers (See: Samsung Transform Android 2.2 – Make Sprint Your Bitch).  Well, I wanted to go on Sprint’s Facebook page to help spread the word, and rant along […]

  23. Lambert Says:

    Thanks so much, I just got a 50 dollar credit to my account.

  24. RadRev Says:

    Well, I REALLY wish I had read this last Thursday. I just switched to Sprint from VZW and ordered 2 Transforms. I saw the articles about 2.2 being an update, which is why I opted for the Transform instead of the more expensive EVO.

    Phones are supposed to be here today. No idea what I will do.

    Thanks Joel the Great for posting this! Just wish I had read it last week. Grrrrrrrrr.

  25. Joel The Great Says:

    I believe Sprint has a 30 day no questions asked sort of return policy on new phone orders. So you still have the opportunity to get out if you want. I’m personally stuck, and since I rooted my phone don’t necessarily need the update (but would still like it). So I’m just going to enjoy the monthly discounts for now.

  26. Janaya Says:

    March 2011 worked again but only 5.00 off thanks.

  27. Spencster Says:

    I upgraded from a palm centro so the transform is a breath of extremely fresh air. The phone has a solid build and good sound quality but it’s buggy as hell!!! I have trouble updating my prl and sometimes can’t answer/hangup calls. All in all it’s a good phone even though it’s ui is SHIT. I’d root but I’m not taking the chance. Anybody whith a solid way to root please email me.

  28. Stitch Says:

    Prior to me finding your post, I had several of the same issues and I kept badgering them weekly. I was never rude but I always ended up in Retention after hours on the phone each time.

    My first call resulted in $300 worth of credits for 3 months. Subsequent calls resulted in credits ranging from 10-50 bucks.

    I have 3 lines of service one of which I added in the January and one was an upgrade. It finally got to the point where Sprint started calling me on a regular basis to see how I was doing.

    I am glad that as of this morning the update finally appeared. In fact I woke up and saw it and jumped nearly through the roof.

    My patience and persistence paid off with sprint and I am glad I knwo how to “fight” to get what I need. I was with T-Mobile for 6 years and they repetitively had connection issues in my city so I left them.