Violent Acres / Violentacrez – An Interesting Spike In Traffic

19 Oct 2012
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In 2010, and earlier, I wrote a post in regards to another personal blog on the internet called ‘Violent Acres.’ (Those articles can be seen here and here).  It was an interesting site, some thought provoking, and possibly offensive stories, until it went to shit, which is what the first article I linked (The one I wrote in 2010) is about.

Well, me being a geek/nerd type person, I love numbers and statistics, and lately there has been a spike in people finding my article via Google Search. I did some investigation, and I found out why.  Read more…

Guess Who’s Back?!

04 Sep 2012
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This site still gets something like 1,300 visits a month, even without me posting! Now I know that 1,300 visits a month isn’t spectacular, but considering this is a site where I just ramble and rant, and 1% of the time make an actual decent, coherent post, it’s not to shabby.

I figure if I start posting again, I may get more traffic. Then maybe those stupid ads I put on this site may actually become of some use to me. (After 3.5 years of ads, I still haven’t made even $100 from having them…)  Fun fact: The basic math implies that my site generates about $2.38 per month in ad revenue!  That’s just over $28* annually!  I can retire finally!! (*before cost of running site/domain name purchase are calculated)

Yes, that means the majority of my decision to return to my blog is for personal gain.  If that shocks you, then you obviously haven’t been in the real world much.

The other reason I returned is I like writing.  I’m not the best writer. My grammar is not always the goodest. But I try, and that’s good enough of a reason.  My updates will probably still be sporadic, like 1 every 2-3 weeks, with the occasional 2-3 posts in a week followed by a few weeks of nothing.  Deal with it. There is no schedule to this.

So sit back, relax, and stay tuned for more hilarious stories of rage and stupidity.

(Oh, also, that other site I mentioned previously…It didn’t go as planned…lets just move on and forget about it, k?)


The End? –

09 May 2012
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**UPDATE: THIS POST IS NO LONGER ACCURATE, was not used like I thought it would be. I’m going to leave the post on the site though, as I believe in continuity**


Well it’s about time this happened.  As the three dedicated readers I have may have noticed, I’ve run low/out of stupid things to complain about.  It’s not that I don’t want to continue writing, it’s just that I’ve found the following problems:

  1. I’ve complained about damn near everything I normally complain about
  2. Most of the things I complain about, everyone else does as well (Google: First World Problems)
  3. I’m not as angry/bitter as I used to be, so the amount of rage I have to put behind my ramblings makes boring posts.

The bad news is that means I’m officially stopping this blog (for now).  This site will continue to run forever as I still get an average of 30 visits a day via search engines, and it’s hosted on a server I do not have to pay for (Employee benefit at my job).  So all my great rants (all 3 of them), and my horrible ramblings (the rest of the site) will be up for as long as I’m employed.

Fun Fact: This blog has been up for just about 3.5 years, and has gotten just shy of 30,000 visits during that time (At the time of this writing)

The good news is I plan to keep writing!  With that I’m announcing my new blog:

As I realize I don’t have long to live on this planet, and the chances of me writing/publishing a book are pretty damn slim, and there is always a chance I’ll get Alzheimer’s or suffer a stroke, I figure I should write down some of the more amusing points of my life somewhere.

With that I’m launching Ha Ha Ha Thud (.com), as a place where I will relive my past, and point out mistakes I’ve made.  It’ll be a good time for the whole family!

So thanks to everyone for visiting, feel free to poke around at my old articles, and I hope to see you at my new blog.

~Joel The Great

Welcome Woot readers!

04 Feb 2011
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Welcome everyone coming from!  Those of you who don’t know, I was recently interviewed by

So welcome to my site, take a bit to look around, here are some articles you might like:

There is plenty to read, some of it might be considered offensive, but if you find things offensive you probably shouldn’t be on the internet.  So enjoy your stay, and thanks for visiting!!


09 Jun 2010
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I’ve got nothing.  All the things that piss me off enough to want to stab someone I’ve already posted about, or you don’t really want to hear, or both.   So you’re going to have to wait longer.

Dave & Busters – They Care! (Stay Tuned)

28 Apr 2010
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So recently Dave and Busters posted a message via twitter stating: “From our restaurant to the midway to billiards and bowling, we have something for everyone! What’s your favorite part of Dave & Buster’s?”

I, being the smartass I am, replied: “@DaveandBusters The stale urine smell in the mens room..that’s there EVERYTIME I visit. Which is a lot less these days…I wonder why…”

This was a reference to my Dave and Busters review I wrote a bit ago: “Dave & Busters – Review (It’s like Hitler)

Well guess what they did… Read more…


17 Mar 2010
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I had a vacation (Screw you, I get to take those sometimes), and also some dental work done.  Our regularly scheduled program will resume shortly.  Please stand by.

I’m Busy –

11 Feb 2010
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Hey, No post because I have started a failed attempt at being proven wrong: (Project iWrong)

Contest Canceled

19 Jan 2010
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Alright, it’s been a month since I started my contested ( to give away a copy of Half Life 2.  I received 14 entries, 11 of them being eligible, of the 25 that was required.  So I’m canceling the contest.  Sorry to everyone who entered.  At the rate it was going, I’d be able to give it away probably in 2011.

Reminder – Contest – Free Half Life 2!

18 Dec 2009
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Just a friendly reminder! Only a few days left in the Half Life 2 Contest!!  Please make sure to comment in the Contest post located here:

Good luck!