CiCi’s Pizza – Ghetto Pizza, Ghetto Coupons

16 May 2013
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I live near a big city in Mexico Texas.  One of the benefits is all the variety of restaurants to go and be an ‘MURICAN! by eating more than I should.  This especially holds true with the variety of all you can eat buffet’s in town!  Chinese, Pizza, Mongolian, Salad, General!  Any kind of food you can pretty much find!   Read more…

Dear Lawnmower – Go Fuck Yourself

24 Apr 2013
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Dear Lawnmower, Read more…

Modified Truck – What In The Fuck?!

20 Apr 2013
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I spend five hundred hours a day commuting, slinking around high schools, stalking people from my car.  In all my driving I’ve seen all manner of things on the road.  Asshole drivers, people with trashcans for exhausts, overcompensating truck owners, trucks with exhausts sticking out the truck bed, so on and so forth.   But just a few days ago, I saw a truck modified in such a manner, I was unable to use proper grammar (heh, that rhymed).   Read more…

McDonald’s – Their Fail is My Win

06 Apr 2013
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On the way to work this evening I swung through the nearby McDonald’s to get my fat $1 burger’s on.  I do this from time to time. It’s no secret.  And on occasion I get crappy service from these sorts of establishments.  This is obviously going to be about ponies instead of that.   Read more…

McDonald’s – Any Lane! Any Time!

18 Nov 2012
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The other day I decided my high blood pressure, and high BMI (That’s body mass index for you idiots out there) needed some love.  So I hit up one of my 1,145,532.7 local McDonald’s to get some cheeseburgers.  As I don’t like dealing with humans, or getting out of my car (What? Someone whose technically overweight doesn’t want to get out of his car? BIG FUCKING SHOCK THERE!!!), I hit up the drive thru.  Read more…

Driving Like An Asshole – Two Can Play That Game!

16 Nov 2012
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Look, I know sometimes people are running late to an appointment, or have a once of a lifetime booty call with their 3rd cousin (I live in the South, I won’t judge).  This may cause you to not use the best judgment and feel the need to speed down the freeway.  Fine. Whatever. I see that every day.  But pay attention, just because you want to speed, change lanes quickly and recklessly, doesn’t mean I’m going to do the same to help you out.  What I will do is much more fun though (For me at least).  Read more… Censoring – You’re Doing It Wrong

28 Oct 2012
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I was looking at the random internet/geeky type blogs I read, one of them being While I was looking over their articles, I saw the following:  Read more…

Violent Acres / Violentacrez – An Interesting Spike In Traffic

19 Oct 2012
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In 2010, and earlier, I wrote a post in regards to another personal blog on the internet called ‘Violent Acres.’ (Those articles can be seen here and here).  It was an interesting site, some thought provoking, and possibly offensive stories, until it went to shit, which is what the first article I linked (The one I wrote in 2010) is about.

Well, me being a geek/nerd type person, I love numbers and statistics, and lately there has been a spike in people finding my article via Google Search. I did some investigation, and I found out why.  Read more…

Oklahoma – Fuck Oklahoma!

17 Oct 2012
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Recently I had the pleasure of having a vacation. This particular vacation involved a bit of driving through multiple states, and seeing multiple things.  During this trip I got to go through Oklahoma. After driving through it twice, I’ve decided it is now my most hated state in the United States of America.  Congrats Oklahoma, you managed to knock Texas down to #2 on my list! Read more…

Sonic – Where Happy Hour Specials Really Aren’t

07 Sep 2012
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Near where I live, there are quite a few Sonic Drive In’s.  It’s basically your pricier Mcd’s or Burger King, but there is no inside seating.  If you’ve never heard of it, you can google it yourself. I’m not going to explain it.

So sometime ago (Back when I wasn’t updating my blog), I stopped by there to continue my quest toward heart disease.  When I noticed they have ‘Happy Hour Specials!” As seen below:  Read more…